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Overcoming Common Challenges Families Face

Balancing Work and Family

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Getting ready for the day can feel like a full time job in itself. Many working mothers spend their mornings getting the kids out of bed (which sometimes takes an act of God- or at the very least, a crane and a bucket of water), finding all of those lost items that are needed for the school day, getting everyone dressed and fed, packing lunches and making sure it all happens before the bus arrives and mom fights the morning traffic to get herself to work on time (or close to it!)

Over 60 percent of working parents are feeling conflict between the time spent at home and their work demands – according to the Families and Work Institute. Millions of women are rushing from the morning routine, to meetings and their office to the sports fields or daycare centers each evening.

Challenges that are often faced by families with working mothers can be solved with help from professional coaching designed for working mothers. Here are some tips provided by professional coaches on some of the most common issues faced by working mothers and their families:

Needing to Be in Two Places At One Time

We’re not quite technologically advanced enough to clone ourselves so that we can physically be in 2 places at one time! What we can do, however, is use the technology we do have to help us perform two or more activities at one time. Since 2004, almost as many people have tapped into the internet through web-enabled cell phones and various other mobile devices than through personal computers! This allows you to find information even if you’re sitting on the sidelines of your child’s sporting event- and if that means the ability to enjoy the event instead of missing it while you sit at the office, it’s well worth it!

Having a cell phone with a headset device means you can take conference calls for work while you’re on the road. Whether you travel in a car or by train; there is no reason why you have to waste that hour you spend commuting each morning and night. Plug in your headset telephone and chat- just remember not to look up phone numbers or attempt to take notes while driving!
Getting to Work & School On Time

How many times have you gone to bed thinking you’ll do “that” in the morning. No matter what “that” is, how often do you actually have time to do it during the morning rush?

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Ley-Ann Clarke is a Certified Life Coach and the founder of Fast Track Moms. Her passion is coaching working mothers and helping them achieve work-lif

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