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My Mother's Day is Every Day

The aftermath of Mother's Day

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There was somebody somewhere who decided that hitting your child is the way to teaching discipline and earning respect as a parent. Show me one healthy family that truly believes that using this technique led them to a life of independence, high self esteem, respect, and positive life attitudes. We are not listening to ourselves, we are spending to much time listening to people and thus, creating more guilt.

Guilt is what leads to depression, anxiety and all those awful places of the mind that torture us. Instead of celebrating how hard it is for Moms because of all the things they “should do” lets celebrate just by taking the heat off everyone. Being a mother is a natural, human right. It is beautiful, instinctual, and refreshing. The best thing that comes from it is the enjoyment in each moment, positive or negative. As a culture, lets focus on who we are as selves, what we have learned from our past that is positive, what we want to carry to our offspring, what we do not and accepting this independence in each of us. Without judgement there is no guilt, without guilt there is positive self esteem, with positive self esteem we have happier people, with happier people we have more accepting Moms.

An image of Mom’s I would love to see for our society-Every day is my day where I can just be myself, who I am proud of, who I really want to be, the kind of Mom I want to be. When this is achieved, I experience more love, more inner strength, and very satisfying times with my family. They don’t have to buy me anything or take me anywhere, or say the right things to let me know I am appreciated, because I already know it myself.

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Mindful reflections of a Working Mom after Mother's Day.

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