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The Perfect Career

Realizing Your Dreams

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For some, the perfect career involves jetting to exotic locales, touring the world in search of profits. For others, the ideal career is one in which they are able to work at home in order to care for their children. While my idea of a perfect career is less exotic than some, it is also more adventurous than others.
After attaining my post-secondary education, I have a number of goals that I aspire to. To begin with, I would like to secure a position with profit and loss responsibility and strategic management duties. Such a position would enable me to exercise my strengths, which include my pro-active approach to problem-solving and my desire to motivate other people. I derive a great deal of satisfaction from leading people, inspiring them to achieve all they can.

However, my goals do not end there. I would also like a career that would give me the time necessary to give back to my community, since I feel that I hold a debt of gratitude to the many people who have encouraged me throughout my educational and professional careers. I would like to serve on the county's Board of Education, helping to formulate the policies within the local school system. I feel that I can put my own educational experiences to good use on the school board.
In short, my ideas for the perfect career may seem somewhat ambitious, but I do not think them unrealistic. Given the hurdles I've already had to cross as a single mother, I believe that I can build on my prior successes in mapping out my future. I believe that in five years I'll look back and be amazed at all that I have accomplished.


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