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Does Your Back to School Shopping Make the Grade?

The A to F Guide

by Heather Cook (Writeonmama)  |  1999 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

What’s that noise? That ominous sound of fashionably clad feed clip-clopping along isn’t just students in your city heading back to school: it’s their parents heading to the local mall to scope out and scoop up the must-haves for the 2007/2008 school year.

Wizened parents know that the best deals are in the stores during the second week of September and savvy students know that it’s best to check out what everyone else is wearing, playing, donning and eschewing before making any fashion statements.

We all know kids face peer pressure to look good and adult pressure to be good, but do your back to school choices make the grade? Here are some of the must-haves items for this year’s school season:

Just The Right Hoodie – Balance too-cool-to-make-an-effort with class and style and you have Just The Right Hoodie. For guys, a hoodie is a fashion statement to support a team or announce your allegiance to a brand name. For girls, you need to step it up a notch because a hoodie can be worn with jeans to dress them up or a skirt to dress it down – depending on your teenage angst level. has a sweet hoodie called the Volcom Girls You Give Love A Bad Name Sweatshirt. A+ for the style points you’ll help your kid score at school.

Music on the Down-Low – Related to the hoodies you’ll find a trend that’s causing some school boards to insist on a “hood down” policy. Designers like Sun Valley's ScottEvest have designed clothing with hidden Velcro® pockets so you can tune in while tuning out in math class. D, for the grade your kid will get in math class and the grade you get as a parent if you buy this for your kid.

E-Dictionaries – These handy-dandy little electronic dictionaries can help your child cut down on mistakes during in-school homework when they don’t have access to a computer for spell check. Or, you know, they could learn to spell the words themselves. B- because sometimes you need to learn something rather than learn where to find the answer.

Black is… Well, The New Black – Apple has come up with a new marketing plan. Make their product seem even cooler by changing the color. Then, make less of the new color to lower the supply while demand increases. In fact, the black iPods and MacBooks fly off the shelves quicker than their white counterparts. A- hey poser, you lost points for paying more for a color.

Brain Candy – I bet you thought that handheld game systems were just for boys. But the Nintendo DS can be bundled with Brain Age™, a game for your brain that claims (repeat that ten times fast) to make you smarter. So you could get your child hooked on SuDoKu or you could let them play Devil Brain Eaters With Guns and Knives and Other Unpleasant Weapons 2000. A- for tricking your child into learning.

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  • Bulletproof backpacks? Good Heavens. If my kids needs that, it's time to find a new school.

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