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The government doesn't help us.

A Speak Your Mind Essay

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Does the government help working moms? Here in Ohio, I feel that answer is no. The government doesn’t do anything except require maternity leave to be available. It doesn’t have to be paid leave either. I work for a great company and I only had four weeks off paid before I had to return to working full time again. In today’s world, you just can’t live off of one income alone unless one person is making a huge amount of money. I applied for every type of assistance just to see if I could get help with diapers and formula so that I might be able to take just a couple more weeks off. They told me that based on my income alone, I would not qualify for anything. I know there are daycares available around this area, but they are so expensive! If I would have to place my daughter in one of those, I might as well just quit working and do it myself because the benefits and cost would balance out about the same.

I really wish there was some type of program in place that while on maternity leave, you could get some type of government-regulated income for the first 3 months at least just to help with the very basics every baby needs. That would help moms be able to stay at home and develop that much needed bond with the new baby before returning to the career world. Our bodies aren’t even physically healed completely in 4 weeks and thank God I didn’t have to get a C-section. I couldn't imagine having to return with a sore stomach. They could even have state-funded daycares that were little to no cost for parents. Our government wastes so much money anyways, why not put it to something worth it?

The last major thing I feel needs revised is airport security in regards to children. We recently flew out of Cleveland and I couldn’t believe they made me take my daughter’s shoes off! It’s hard enough getting a wriggly 10 month old’s shoes on ONCE let alone have to stop in the middle of a bustling airport to try to put them back on. I had to take her thin blanket off of her and despite it being so thin it was transparent, had to throw that through the scanners as well. The milk thing is ridiculous too. They will either make you dump it out or they’ll sniff it and shake it around. I personally don’t want anyone’s nostrils near something my child is intended to drink. I understand it’s for the overall safety of everyone within the airport, but if the child is sucking on a bottle or cup and there is less than 8oz. in it to begin with, they need to let it go. No doubt all of that liquid will be gone before the plane boards anyways. I just think the government’s focus is in the wrong areas, good intentions or not.

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