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What the government can do to help me

A Speak Your Mind Essay

by Michelle Anderson  |  2375 views  |  0 comments  |       Rate this now! 

It seems as though the government only cares about the senior citizens or parents that are less fortunate than an almost-middle-class-income person. I would like to see the government do something about the cost of health care. It has been a huge strain on my family since our second child was born. We were paying approximately $500 a month, and of course that does not include the cost of the visit and all the prescriptions that you end up leaving with. My youngest son has been sick quite a bit more than the average child. He has a zinc deficiency. Now that we are aware, we give him supplements, and he has been much better. At one point in time, we were paying $270 a month just for his health insurance. When you are trying to afford to live, $500 every month adds up. Today we have it down around $300 a month, but I get my medical insurance paid for by my employer. I just think that there is no reason it needs to cost that much money. I can only hope that someone does something to help in this area, since it is a necessity.

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