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Summer Sorting and Home Organization

Five tips for organizing the clutter in your home

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I bet that over the past year you have accumulated more clutter than you are willing to own up to. It’s OK, most of us are in the same boat. There is the coat closet that explodes at your feet each time you open it; neglected toys stashed and stacked in out of the way places; pantries that are home to 3-year-old chocolate chips. I won’t tell anyone but I will give you a few tips that might make life a little easier and a little more organized.

1.) Start small. Choose one room, closet, or even a small area to conquer. If you set out to do too much in one sitting you are setting yourself up for failure. For instance, just start by working on one bookshelf. Sort out the books you must keep and then donate the rest to your local library. The library will often sell them to raise money.

2.) Assess the situation. Before you start, consider why the area has gotten to this point in the first place. Then figure out what organizational tools and accessories you need to improve it. Take measurements and buy what you need so you can immediately start putting things in order after you clear out the clutter.

3.) Easy identification. For the items that are going to be stored away in bins or containers, make sure they are clearly labeled or in transluscent bins so you can find things in a jiffy. Clutter can often be a product of rifling though a closet to find something while in a rush.

4.) Make it a family affair. Kids will hang on to toys forever if you don’t ask them to make some tough choices. If they have not played with the toy in a while, then it’s time to clean it up and donate it to a child that will. Donating old toys provides a great opportunity to teach your child a valuable life lesson.

5.) Reward yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for the small victories. A clean closet = an ice cream cone. A well-ordered pantry = a bubble bath. We must treasure our triumphs!

Summertime is for vacations and sipping lemonade in a hammock, but there will be a few rainy days here and there. Take advantage of those days to make some headway in your home.

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