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Adventures in Healthy Eating: Learn to Travel Lightly

Tips for eating healthy during your next vacation

by Heather Stefan, RD  |  7977 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

It is easiest to control your diet while on vacation when you stay at a condo or a cottage.  With access to your own kitchen, you can plan your meals around foods you know will be good choices.  This is also a fun time to try new recipes and theme meals, since you probably have more time to spend preparing your meals.  

4.) Simple indulgences. Vacations are a great time to see new sites and explore new places.  It's also a perfect time to enjoy the local flavors and flare.  If the area you are visiting is known for a specific dish, then by all means enjoy it without guilt!  As always, it comes down to how much you're eating, so limit these special treats.  And keep your diet routine while you are traveling.  Stick to three meals and snacks, just like you would at home.  If you are eating out at restaurants for most of the time, split a meal with your other travelers or order a la carte entrees. 

Also, remember that a vacation is a great way to add in extra exercise by walking.  Even if you get away from your typical workout routine, you can put on your pedometer and set realistic walking goals.  By simply planning ahead you will be able to enjoy all the simple indulgences of your vacation while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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Heather is a private practice dietitian and nutrition coach licensed with Real Living Nutrition Servics. She is also a work-at-home mom. You can visit her website at

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  • Great suggestions. But snacking in the car is so fun!! Okay, okay, I've been meaning to invest in a cooler for road trips. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 4th July 2008