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Ten marketing mindsets for success

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Having the right mindset for your marketing can mean the difference between amazingly impactful marketing and marketing that is blase and falls flat with little to no results. These 10 marketing mindsets will also help you stay the course and focus, expand past your comfort zone, and keep your energy up so you don't get down on yourself and get frustrated with your marketing before you've given it a chance.

1.) Give yourself time. Most of my clients are their own worst boss! Their expectations are so high that they don't really give marketing efforts time to work before they start doubting, questioning and wanting to ditch the whole effort. Acknowledge that you are a lifestyle entrepreneur. This is a business owner who won't compromise on her lifestyle -- she's not about to sacrifice her relationships, miss the big school play, go without a vacation or working out and taking care of herself. Given your commitment to your lifestyle, create marketing programs that support your lifestyle success. Just because someone else looks like they are moving fast doesn't mean you have to pile on a load of stress, and sacrifice everything that's important to you. Build time (we're not talking perfection here) into your side.

2.) Commit to frequency. I heard this in the early days of my career in newspaper advertising back in the '80s and it's still true today. Actually it's probably more important today than ever. We are literally bombarded with over 68,000 messages a day. Your client has learned to put up a big filter and be selective about how much information she lets in. So, you have to be consistent in your efforts so that little by little she'll develop an awareness of who you are, develop a trust in you and your services, and be there when she is ready to buy. This is also about trusting your vision and making a commitment to keep showing up in real, vulnerable, confident ways with your marketing.

3.) Create a support team. Doing it alone will have you burnt out and is a sure-fire way to zap your creativity. Create a plan for your ideal support team -- both for your business and for your home life. You don't have to hire them all at once. Knowing that you have a plan for which people you want to add and when you want to add them can be liberating in itself. Then gradually hire people on a project basis or for a few hours. As you are ready to step into the next level of success for your business, you'll hire another person to help you expand your capacity. Growing with the evolution of your company allows you to keep focused on your "strengths-based" work -- the juicy, creative part of your business that is directly related to growing the business. Let others (who are working with their strengths!) handle the rest.

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