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Potty Training a Child

Tips for you and your nanny when potty training your child

by Sophia An  |  1866 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

It’s no surprise that both nannies and parents alike are extremely busy and can barely find any time to sit down and talk. Nevertheless, the potty training period is a time when communication must be constant and consistent. As partners in this objective, it is important to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the same tactics and goals. It is important to find the time to review all the details concerning the potty training of the child. Without consistency, you may prolong the time it takes for your child to become completely potty trained.

These are some helpful tips for you and your nanny to ensure a smooth and successful training process:

  • Create a plan together, and stick to it
Make sure you and your nanny agree to the basic details concerning the training. It is beneficial for everyone to create a plan together. For example, will you be using a toilet seat or a potty chair? Diapers, pull-ups, or underwear? Commit to a plan and follow through accordingly.

  • Make sure it is the right time for toilet training for the both the child and nanny
Potty training should not be pursued during a major change in the child’s life, whether it is a move, or the introduction of a new sibling. It should also be the right time for the nanny as well. If the nanny is new to the family, he/she should be given the opportunity to build a rapport with the child.

  • Rewards and consequences should be decided beforehand
The same rewards, whether it is a sticker or a high-five, should be distributed in a consistent manner. Similarly, if an accident were to occur, the child should expect the same consequences. Consistency is key—expectations should not be changed from one day to the next.

  • Track your child’s progress with a bathroom chart
Because it can be difficult to sit down and recap each day’s events, it may be helpful to keep a chart or log. This way, both the parents and nanny are updated with daily details such as specific times or frequencies of the child’s potty activities. A log can also be utilized as a way to list successes throughout the day. By doing so, everyone is on the same page. Be creative with this and get the child involved!

  • Most importantly, stay positive!
Potty training can be a time of frustration for everyone, including your child. The key is to stay positive and work together to reach a unified goal. Once the child is successful, it will be an achievement for everyone!

About the Author

I work as an assistant at the Lillian Nanny Agency, a firm in Nashville that matches nannies with local families.

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  • This is really helpful - I am sending it on to a friend who is in the midst of this now (and wish I had this when my daughter was potty training:) - all I kept reading at the time were articles that said I should take days off from work to lock myself in the house with her and throw out all the diapers. Very practical:)

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