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Raising a stink (at work)

Keeping the sanity in the workplace one smell at a time.

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No names will be mentioned to protect the not-so-innocent.

One of the first rules of working in a professional environment is to, say it together now, present yourself in a professional manner. This is a wonderful little tidbit of advice coming from someone who is currently sitting at her desk in jeans and flip-flops. I am legit though, as its Friday and casual gets taken to the extreme where I work. But I digress.

The meaning of presenting yourself in a professional manner is rather vague because it really could mean anything from adorning a full suit to basically tucking your shirt in. However, there are a few items that I think should never, ever, ever be forgotten when discussing professional presentation.

For example, let’s just take a whiff of this topic shall we? Personal hygiene. And, I’m not talking about how well you style your hair or how white your teeth are, I’m talking the bare basics people. Like how you smell and how far of a radius your smell extends if you do have one. Because if you have the choice to greet someone with a smell or a handshake, I suggest you go with the latter.

Now, I’m all you lovely readers out there in reader land (read as: all one of you, yes, that one would be me), are asking yourself, is she talking about body odor or one such as someone who got a little crazy with the latest Bath & Body Works selection. I’m talking about straight up body odor. Typically, the smell that most don’t get unless they are involved in hard labor or if they just refuse to step into the shower. The first excuse being acceptable for a short period of time, the second never. Especially since in the department I work in, hard labor is not a factor.

Let’s make this very easy. If any of these sound remotely familiar, just hop your stank butt in the shower anyway just to be safe.

1.) If someone in the general vicinity asks, “what’s that smell”, please take note and shower.

2.) If someone walks into your office and their first reaction is to stand up straight and rub their nose, take notice, it may mean your need to shower.

3.) If others in your office start randomly spraying air freshener, think about a shower.

4.) If others in your office start directly spraying air freshener (at you), do a little more than just think about a shower.

5.) If there has been any second of the day that you have thought you could possibly smell funky, just take the dive and jump in the shower.

Seriously, there’s nothing more unprofessional than having an odor greet your coworkers. With a little effort this would not be an issue what so ever. What you do (or don’t do) on your own time is your own business, but please, when you work in any office environment (especially those lacking adequate ventilation systems) please do us all a favor and at least shower once in a while!

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