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Palin paradox: Why do we hold working moms to a different set of standards?

Would we be asking the same questions if Palin were a dad? I doubt it.

by Dory Devlin  |  39611 views  |  6 comments  |       Rate this now! 

See, there I go, judging her. Human nature, but it just seems so much more natural and easy to do when a working mom is the subject. It's easy to judge Palin's parenting style, but it's wrong. We have no idea what kind of mom she is to her children; only Palin and her children do.

We can only question her choices based on what we think we would choose to do. And if those choices are at odds, then we think it's a wrong choice. But the irony is, it is a choice, and I for one thank the heavens Palin had a choice and was not "vetted" as a bad choice by McCain's troops solely because of her overstuffed family plate.

Whether we think she is a good pick for vice president, well, that's a choice we thankfully have as voters.

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6 comments so far...

  • I don't think we should be juding Palin on returning 3 days after work. We are not in her house, we do not know her situation, the hours she worked, her help, her husband's arrangement etc. The only time it sends a message is if we allow it to. People need to understand we are all different people with different needs and to stop focusing on what she does with her family and focus on whether or not she has the capability to be the next VP plain and simple.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by CreditMom on 15th September 2008

  • We are held to a different standard if we let others dictate who, what, we should be, its not others who set standards, we set our own standard. Stop blaming others, if you are not able to set your own standard for yourself, that is why Sarah Palin is running for VP, she is not letting others set her standard, she knows who she is, we should all know who we are, if you don't, then, you let others dictate your standard. Make a change, in your own life, you set your standard not let others do it for you.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Ekela on 10th September 2008

  • That's quite an ad hominem you've got there Sindy - good on you, you've completely rebutted my assertions.

    Who is this Sara Palin, by the way?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rachel Lane on 9th September 2008

  • rachel i saw your reply and it maid me so mad i had to sign up.

    its people like you who are destroying america from the inside you question everythin but why??? sara palin is a good women who is standing up for all of us everywhere and wants to change america. you really make me sick with all your liberal conspiracys.

    sara palin is a mother and a hero and i cant wait to get my vote in for her!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sindy Howard on 8th September 2008

  • Well, I think the questions being raised aren't so much about her parenting style, but are more about the fact that she has vigorously campaigned to cut funding for young mothers, has declared that abstinence-only education is the perfect birth control solution, and that children and intercourse outside of marriage are sinful and shameful, yet, here's her unwed 17 year old daughter, pregnant, and a shotgun marriage about to ensue (much like her own was).

    Also, the question shouldn't be whether she's a good choice for VP, it's whether she's a good choice for president - chances are, McCain, given his health record and advanced years, will die whilst in office, at which point she becomes Commander in Chief.

    So, we know plenty about Mrs Palin. She's opposed to freedom of speech (, she's opposed to supporting young mothers (, and she's pretty dishonest about her opinions (

    But hey, what does any of that matter - McCain's a war hero!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rachel Lane on 5th September 2008

  • I think you raise some good questions here. But only time will tell with Ms. Palin. We, as Americans, as mothers, as working inside or outside of the home moms, don't really know a whole lot about her yet. We really don't know what makes her tick. I suspect in the months to come, we will learn (through good sources and bad) way more than we really need to know about Ms. Palin and her family.

    In light of that, I find it sad that we, those who strive to "do it all" as moms, judge each other for very personal decisions. We each know our own limits, our own families. Why must we impose our way upon others. So she went back to work, maybe that was her way of dealing with an internal struggle, maybe she feels an overwhelming sense of duty to the people she represents, maybe she is just that tough. God knows I couldn't have done it, but never in my life would I have judged another women for making that choice.

    What if she would have resigned from her position after the birth of her baby? Would the view of her be different? What we have to remember is that our perfect balance, may not be hers.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mary Brosch on 4th September 2008