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Homemade birthday cakes: Match any party theme!

Save money by doing it yourself

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Your child has just informed you that they would like an Indiana Jones party for their next birthday -- or maybe it’s Cinderella or WALL-E. Did you know that you can easily create a themed, homemade cake for your little one without spending a fortune at your local bakery? Here are the two best ways for you to jump right in!

1.) Use a cake topper. You can buy such wonderful cake toppers these days for almost any party theme. The great thing about using a cake topper is that your cake itself can be just a simple rectangle, square or circle. Frost the cake with some colored frosting and use the cake topper as the decoration. You can perhaps add some sprinkles or edible glitter as well to really make your cake sparkle. If you’re not comfortable piping a border around your cake, use a colorful ribbon wrapped around it instead.


2.) Use a Character Cake Pan. You can buy cake pans in almost every shape imaginable. From sports balls to castles and everything in between! Many of your child’s favorite characters are also available as cake pans. You can buy new cake pans from any store that sells Wilton products but you should also check out eBay and for great deals on used pans as well as retired pans that are harder to find. Each pan comes with detailed instructions and the decorating requires you to simply outline the shape and then fill in the spaces with little stars (the star tip is one of the easiest to use). If you want to create a larger cake then you can bake a large sheet cake as a background and place the character cake on top of it.

Above all, have fun and remember that practice makes perfect!

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Julie is a Mom of 3 young children and a Marketing VP at an online startup. She also has her own site ( where you can see pics of some of her homemade kids' birthday cakes.

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