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You don't have to start your own business in order to work from home

Examine your skills and find your options

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You can find the basics to get your consultant business started at Consultant Journal; be sure to check out their article about entry-level consulting jobs.'s Consulting Blog has plenty of information on how to score consulting jobs and find your niche in the consulting market.If your skill is with computers, you may want to consider working as a web designer.

4.) If your skill is in working with people, you may want to consider becoming a virtual customer service agent.

Women for Hire offers some great pointers for getting a virtual customer service job with companies like J Crew, 1-800 Flowers, and others, as well as a guide to acing your interview. Along with great customer-service skills and a nice voice, you'll need to have a computer, a land line, high-speed Internet, and a quiet place to work in your home.

5.) If your skill is teaching, you may want to consider becoming a tutor.

Becoming a tutor is as easy as examining your qualifications, assessing your availability, and spreading the word. Work It, Mom! members have written some great articles about getting starting a tutor-referral business and helping your child do better at tests -- if you tutor your own child successfully, why not help someone else's? Check out these seven lessons from The Tutoring Business for more inspiration, and be sure to visit as well.

6.) If your skill is in art and design, you may want to consider becoming a freelance designer or a graphic artist.

Coroflot offers everything a freelance designer could need, from contract basics to building your creative skills to finding a paying job. All About Freelance has tips, resources, and articles for freelance graphic designers. Into illustration and cartooning? Drawn! is a great place to learn about those worlds.

7.) If your skill is organizing and record keeping, you may want to consider becoming a virtual assistant. offers an in-depth look at what it takes to become a successful virtual assistant. Staffcentrix is another great resource. And of course there are quite a few articles about virtual assistants -- from how to break into the business to what virtual assistants can do for you -- here at Work It, Mom!

8.) If your skill is with computers, you may want to become a web designer.

A List Apart bills itself as being "for people who make websites," and they're not kidding. They have a little bit of everything a new web designer could possibly need -- information about code, content, culture, and more. The GigaOm job board has listings aplenty, and is a great place to find out what kind of jobs are in demand right now.

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