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8 places to look for systems to maximize your success

Your business success depends on your energy

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As a creative business owner, you want to spend your time doing your "great work." This is the work of your passion and your purpose. Often, a successful business owner can get caught in the trap of doing the "good" work -- that means you get caught in the trap of "I'll just do it" because it's easier than explaining it or hiring someone to help you.

You might even find yourself doing things like bookkeeping, or updating your website, just because you are capable of it. The thing is, you'll never find the time to increase your capacity to grow your business -- like the business in your Vision Story -- if you keep spending time on these things. There are experts out there who are wonderful in these areas. Don't take their job or their joy away!

Here's the biggest reason to look for systems in your business: Your business success depends on your energy! You want to be mindful of where you spend your energy. When we are inspired, then our energy does seem unlimited and effortless! The reality is that most of us aren't at that level all day, every day! So, we have to be vigilant about using our "energy for great" -- spending our energy on our best activities and creations instead of squandering it away on the activities that don't inspire us. I don't know about you (well, I have a clue you'll agree), but I want to spend my energy on life-enhancing activities -- work that I LOVE, being with my family and friends, and doing activities that fill me up with joy!

Here are eight key areas where you can identify systems to help you get more done in less time, so you can spend your energy on great work!

1.) Marketing Basics

You want to create systems for those repetitive marketing basics like having a variety of photos and bios on hand and ready to go. Keep your professional and casual photos of you along with short and long versions of your bios for a quick marketing turnaround. It helps you to respond to opportunities quicker with less "thinking" -- which means less stress!

What is one marketing basic you use over and over again that you could put into a system so, next time, it's quick and easy?

2.) Client Relationship Building

Think about your relationship building process for a client from beginning to end. From the early stage where you collect a business card (now what do you do with it?) to when a client becomes a client. Every stage can be automated, or systemized, so that it takes very little time.

Your initial follow-up system could include a card scanner, thank you cards, or e-cards. Create a system for your Initial Consultation, and a new client package and forms, all the way to using email birthday alert systems or online appointment setting systems once they become clients.

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