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You're still working if you're working from home

If your home is your office, then treat it that way

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By Qiana Brown for WomenCo.

When I decided several years ago to work from home, I was excited. I was excited about the prospect of creating something that was all mine. I was excited about setting my own hours. No one could tell me what to do or how to do it. My schedule would be mine. If I did not want to answer the telephone, I wouldn’t. I could rollout of bed, get the kids to school, kiss my hubby good-bye and stroll over to my desk in my p-j’s and no one would be the wiser. Work from home bliss.

Life was going to be good. I could just see the dollar signs flowing into my bank account because from home I could be more productive. I could nurture relationships with clients that I thought would be the most beneficial. With no worries about asking for time off when the kids needed a sick day or when my husband and I could manage the same time off for vacations, I was ready and set to go.

After a few weeks of stay at home bliss I noticed that not only had I not received my standard bi-weekly paycheck, there were no self-produced dollars flowing in from anywhere. What was wrong with this picture? I had it all planned out. I had the perfect home office set up, a supportive spouse and all the time in the world to make my dreams come true.

That was two years ago, and believe me I have learned quite a bit since that fateful three-month period when I questioned my ability to think for myself and manage myself. Because that’s what happens when you decide to go out on your own. It’s never quite as easy as you thought it would be, no matter how good you were at your job. There are always questions that you did not ask yourself before you ventured out to take over the world, and the fallout from that can seem brutal.

The good thing is that if you are really serious about successfully managing a home business, there are some wonderful tips that can set you on the path to success. So here goes—

Get dressed for work. In the working world you probably took pride in the way you looked when you went in to the office. Very often a sharp suit could set just the right tone for your day. You had more pep in your step. You were the captain of your ship. The same thing goes when you are at home. You feel like a professional when you are dressed like a professional, and this leads to better use of your time. So, when you are taking a business call your tone and demeanor will reflect the way you are feeling about your appearance. Also, when you look like a professional, others will take your work time more seriously. Your husband and children will not be quite as prone to infringe on your work time if you are not dressed like “mommy”.

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