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This Single Mom is an Obama Mama

I'm a single mom of a bi-racial child, and I voted

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I’ve been crying off and on over the past week, in joy.

I know that Work It Mom is supposed to be about work, but for many of us here -- as working mothers and women -- politics are threaded through everything we do.

I voted for Obama because his vision and ideals match mine. I’ve always voted on the liberal side, since I was 18. While I didn’t vote for Obama because he’s biracial -- or because he was raised by a single mom -- these facts have certainly made his win very emotional for me.

As you might know, I’m the single white mom of a biracial child.

I work as an editor for a living -- for textbook publishers, web sites, and magazines. But I also write as a freelancer, and sometimes get assigned to cover single parenting and biracial children for magazines such as Family Circle and American Baby.

Like many of you here, it feels like a blessing when your personal and professional lives connect this way. No doubt that's why we're here at Work It Mom, to talk about what means the most to us.

I'm really curious how Obama's win will affect race relations in our country. In my own life, I've had conflicts with my own family -- as well as strangers.

When I worked in New York City, I sometimes scurried with my baby to drop off editing assignments in mid-town. More than once, a stranger stopped me to ask which country I'd adopted my child from. I used to point to my belly: "From right here!"

Just before the elections, I heard from one of my good friends in Colorado. She's a white single mom like me. And her daughter is biracial, too. My friend is a teacher, and as she filled out the paperwork for her child's new school, she was baffled.

Colorado doesn't have a "multiracial" box, it turns out, like California, where I live. My mother-friend had to mark off either "black" or "white" box.

"I'm going to write to the superintendent!" my friend emailed to me. "Even in 2008, some parents are being forced to choose between races when registering child in school. I called the diversity equity director---hopefully, she'll call me back."

Mother of biracial kids, does this ring true for any of you?

If you're a single parent at Work It Mom -- or the parent of a biracial child -- please stop by and say "hi"! I'd love to hear from you.


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Rachel Sarah is the author of "Single Mom Seeking: Play Dates, Blind Dates, and Other Dispatches from the Dating World" and the single-mom columnist at Lifetime TV. She blogs at

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