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Start healing political rifts before thanksgiving

Family Volunteer Day -- an uplifting family tradition

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With Thanksgiving soon to be upon us, many of us will be seeing our families face to face for the first time since the election. In many families, there have been heated discussions, angry judgment, and arguments over who is right and who is wrong. We have traded pointed emails between sisters and brothers, forwarded down party lines, and often crossing into family communications.

Some of those wicked disagreements are going to be hard to put behind us very quickly. An evening of overindulgence may not be the cure that we're searching for - in fact a celebratory toast or two may loosen tongues and widen the rifts. How can we come together in the spirit exemplified by Barak Obama and John McCain and reach across the table and join hands again with our families?

There is somthing that can repair the bonds and bring us back together, and honor the peaceful conclusion to an historic election -- Service to Others. And there is a holiday designed for just this purpose -- Family Volunteer Day.

Scheduled for the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Family Volunteer Day offers families big and small an opportunity to give back to the community through service. It's up to your family how you want to take action. The folks at VolunteerSpot have made starting the discussion and deciding what to do a lot easier with a free eBook: "Family Friendly Volunteering: Service for Families, Students, Youth Groups and Scouts."

Please consider this affirming new holiday tradition that will heal the rifts after our national political battle, and set the stage for better family connections for years to come.

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