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How to attract repeat visitors to your website

5 tips for encouraging your visitors to return

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Getting people to visit your website is easier than influencing them to return. Research indicates that people will feel comfortable purchasing products or services only having visited your company website seven times previously. Therefore it is vital to attract repeat visitors. Here are a 5 quick tips that will aid you in attracting repeat visitors:

1. FRESH CONTENT: Reward your visitors by offering valuable information regularly such as industry related articles, tips etc. Once your visitors realize that your site provides valuable and new information often they will return often.

2. RESOURCE GUIDE: Create a resource page containing useful links that appeal to your target market; once your visitors know that this resource is available they can return to the site to access the links easily. Be sure to ask them to bookmark the page. If the resource is valuable to your target market and updates frequently, you can ensure repeat visits.

3. COMMUNITY BUILDING: Create a community for your visitors by encouraging visitor participation through the use of blogs, polls and forums. Forums generally require moderation, so be certain that you're willing and able to not only moderate the fourm, but actively participate. Building a community for your visitors to connect with each other and share and discuss the information presented on your website or blog will certainly encourage repeat visits.

4. eNEWSLETTERS AND RSS FEEDS: If you have a business website, you will need a method for staying connected to people that want to be notified of product/service specials, new company news, upcoming events and other changes relevant to your business. There are many methods for building a listing of people that want to stay informed about your business. Two popular options are RSS feeds and email newsletters. You can use either tool to build a listing of customers and potential customers that want to learn more about your service. This strategy also increases your repeat visitor rate, as you will have an opportunity to call previous visitors back to your website.

Be sure to inform your visitors regarding how often they can expect to hear from you (ex: monthly, daily, weekly, or as new information comes in). Also be sure to explicitly indicate if you have any plans to redistribute their email addresses for other purposes or to other companies (NOT recommended).

5. SOCIAL NETWORKING TOOLS: Use social networking tools to provide a method for staying connected. Social networking tools provide a method for you to cultivate your existing network, expand your network and promote new & update information from your website(s) and/or blogs. Examples of social networking tools are: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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