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What to bring to the hospital when having a c-section

What you need (and don't need) when packing for a planned c-section

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4.) Conditioner and lotion.  Most hospitals provide bath linens, shampoo and body wash or soap, but they don't provide conditioner or lotion.  Being there for almost a week means that you will need those things.  I know at my hospital they also provided a toothbrush and toothpaste, but I know I was glad to have my own as well.  I was also glad to have my make-up case.  I know it seems silly, but I did my make-up every morning after my shower, it made me feel more human.  Bring lip balm at the very least.  The hospital air is very dry and it can get rather uncomfortable.  I also brought a razor and shaving cream, but found it pretty much impossible to shave.  I wasn't really able to bend over to get to my legs.  I liked having it to shave my underarms though, especially since most of my pajamas have tank tops.

5.) This one is a "don't bother to bring" item: a water bottle.  It was on pretty much every list that I read, but I didn't need it. The hospital provided a HUGE plastic cup with a lid and straw when I was admitted.  I have heard from others that they were also given a similar cup (mine held 32 ounces, that seems to be standard from what I've heard from others).  I do have one little bit of advice about the cup though.  I know they give you a straw, but DON'T USE IT.  It will give you gas and that is terribly painful when you have a c-section.  I was told that little tip after about three days, I wish I had known it before I went in.

6.) Bring something to do.  The first few days you will be tired, but as the days go on you will get more energy and they don't let you do much as far as moving around :-).  I had my thank you notes and my baby announcement envelopes to write and address (just make sure they put your IV line in your non-writing hand!), I also brought movies (my hospital room had a DVD player) and my Nintendo DS.  I wish I had brought a book or a few magazines as well.  There is only so much daytime TV that you can watch and the baby sleeps a lot :-)

7.) Then there are the standard items:  Camera (you can take pictures in the operating room, my nurse even took pictures of my daughter being born), socks (lots!), hair ties, hair brush, glasses or contacts and all supplies for those items, and any birth plan that you have (you can have a birth plan with a c-section!).

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  • This is my second C-section and I just needed a little reminder of the items needed for the hospital, The drinking from the straw is good advice, I never thought of the straw giving you gas. I sceduled for my C- section on Friday July 1, 2011 which is soon, so I have a few ,minor adjustments to make in my suitcase.

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  • There isn't a lot of lists out there for moms having c-sections!!! I am having my 4th daughter in about 2 months. I have had c-sections with each one and found each time I forgot something :) My youngest is 5 so it's been a bit since I've had to get bags ready.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to get this together. I forgot how uncomfortable the sheets & pillows were and have now added that to my list!
    I did like the net underwear the hospital provided, they were loose and very comfortable. Maybe the hospital you went to had a different type and I'm sorry for that because I LOVED the ones I was given, they were actually 100 times better than the ones I brought myself. And I too took 3 or 4 pairs home with my last 2.

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  • Thank you so much even tho this is my 4th c-section its nice to see what everyone else needed-didnt need !!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mommy4-2010 on 6th May 2010

  • This is nice to have for women who know they are having a c-section. I have had two c-sections and I'm having my third in 3 days. I however disagree on some of the things that are said to bring on this list. I did not want to wear any of my own clothes. I only wore the hospital gown. When I went for walks I wore another gown put on backwards, I'm taking my robe this time around. It is way too uncomfortable to wear pants and when you are in the hospital noone cares what you are wearing. I wouldn't have wanted my own underwear either. I wore the net underwear the entire time I was in the hospital and I took two pairs home and wore them for a week at home. My regular underwear were too uncomfortable to wear on my belly. I am bringing my own pillow but I found the sheets at my hospital to be fine. Good luck to everyone having a c-section.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Megan on 1st February 2010