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Love It or Leave It!

Rate Your Job: Find Out If It's True Love

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Hit the Road, Jack:

You have trouble getting out of bed in the morning because you dread going to work. If it wasn’t for the free coffee you’d be long gone.

Deep down you know it hasn’t been the same in months and you’re just not happy.

You should be looking for a new job, but you’re stalling on where to go and what to do next.

Your friends have started making ultimatums. Either you quit complaining or quit your job.

Career Coach Tip: Nothing energizes like developing a step-by-step action plan. Start with developing job targets. And be specific -- “Marketing” isn’t enough, “Marketing Manager” is. Then build a marketing plan that includes the organizations you are interested in for each target. Get your promotional materials ready (e.g. resume, pitch). Then go out and get what you want -- that is, don’t just wait for ads and headhunters to come to you! Use your network, or contact people directly, to get meetings at the companies in your plan. Good luck!

It’s Time to Move On:

Jokes aside, if you are unhappy at your job (or in your relationship for that matter) and find yourself leaning towards the “relationship rut” and “hit the road jack” side of things – it’s time to really think about your next move. Yes, we are in a tough economic climate and this is an incredibly difficult time to be looking for a job. But despite all of that it’s time to make a clean break and check out what else is out there. iMag’s career section is jam-packed with great career tips for how to land your next job. We also created a new series, The Job Journal, in which we follow one woman’s search for a new job with the help of best-selling author and career coach Nicole Williams. The best part about the series is that all of Nicole’s advice is applicable to you and your job search. Check it out, take a look, comment and get started looking for your dream job!

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