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Plan a fabulous spring break week without breaking the bank!

Cheap and creative ideas to keep your children active

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Not going away for Spring Break this year? Don’t want bored young ones turning into couch potatoes? Check out our tips on keeping children active without taking out a loan to get it done!

With the current state of the economy, everyone is looking to save a little dough and traveling with family and nanny in tow just might not be an option. Spring Break usually consists of long days at the beach and big nights out eating seafood. So how will you keep your children occupied without going over budget? It is very simple!

Even though a trip to the beach with the whole family and sitter is memorable, we can make the same amount of memories and fun without racking up a huge cost. Here are some creative ideas to get your family out of the house and having a blast!

1.) Go outside. Take a day to work in the yard. Get the kids to plant their favorite flowers; this way you can get your gardening plans started and the kids will love to know they helped. Making bird feeders is a really easy and fun activity for your kids. All you need is a styrofoam cup covered in peanut butter and birdseed. Hang it from your favorite tree and watch the birds enjoy. You could even pick up a book about birds. Together you could figure out which birds are dining in your backyard.

2.) Get wet. Head to the swimming pool. Catch up on your suntan or cool off in the neighborhood pool. Pack a lunch and spend the day there. If you do not have a swimming pool bring the sprinkler out and let the kids run wild in the yard. Take the stress of it by taking your sitter along with you as another set of eyes. This way you can relax a little.

3.) Plan a craft. Get the paint, glue, markers, and even glitter out. Make fun signs for the kids’ bedrooms, picture frames, jewelry; let your creative side shine.

4.) Go to the park. Pack up the picnic basket and take the kids to the park. Bring a kite, maybe some balls and bats for a good family softball game.

5.) See a movie. Spring Break is a good time to catch a cheap matinee. Go see one of the latest movies and enjoy! On a more frugal note, turn your living room into a movie theater. You can get creative and turn boxes into cars to create a “drive-in.”

6.) Spend a day at a museum. Whether it is the aquarium, the zoo, or even a science museum, the kids will love it. This is also a great way to get your kids interested in learning new things.

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I am an intern at The Lillian Nanny Agency where we connect loving nannies with families in the Nashville area.

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