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Conducting Nanny Reviews

Setting-up a Review Schedule with your Nanny

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Setting up a review schedule when you hire a nanny allows you as an employer and your nanny to communicate openly and honestly about the job and how the relationship is growing. Keeping an open line of communication will create a sturdy base for the relationship and a system that allows all parties to deal with any situation successfully. The Lillian Nanny Agency strongly recommends setting up a three, six and twelve month review during the initial year to truly gain a sense of how your family is adapting. After the first year, annual reviews are sufficient and should correspond with annual pay increases.

**All reviews should be set up in advance and laid out in the beginning so that everyone understands the process and there are no surprises.

3-Month Review

• Conducting a three-month review allows everyone to evaluate how the transition is going and communicate any changes that need to be made

• Consider hiring your new nanny on a three-month trial period; if after three months you feel the relationship isn’t going to work, you can amicably end the position and work to find a better match.

6-Month Review

• Six-month reviews allow you to sit down and discuss what is working and what can be improved. By this point you have established a regular routine and should have a good handle on any changes that could be made to make everything run more smoothly.

• Also take this opportunity to talk about any upcoming changes or adjustments you would like to make to your to your daily routine.

12-Month Review

• Twelve-month reviews are a perfect way to recap the past year and prepare for the year ahead. At this point, both parties should discuss the responsibilities required for the next year and agree to an appropriate pay increase based on those responsibilities as well as cost of living.

• If you agreed to a one year commitment this is also the time to decide whether all parties wish to continue with the position and agree on appropriate next steps. At this point you can decide whether or not you want to extend the contract and for how long.

Allowing all parties the ability to openly communicate from the beginning paves the way for a lasting relationship between everyone involved. If you have any questions about conducting reviews with your nanny please feel free to contact Heather Dubuque at

About the Author

Heather Dubuque is a CEO and President of the Lillian Nanny Agency, a firm she founded in Nashville, Tenn.

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