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An Apple-A-Day--Now Which One?

Tips for choosing the right apple to eat or cook with

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I don’t know about you, but this time of the year my partner Jill and I are completely overwhelmed by the number of apples that are at good produce departments. Jill just made carmel apples and wasn’t sure which kind of apple to get. So we thought we would do a little research and provide all you Chef Mamas with a list to help you out with your fresh eating or possibly backing needs. Hope this helps!

Empire: Sweet, tart & firm. One of our favorites and good for carmel apples

Gala: Very crisp with a “snappy bite” & sweet at the same time. Like best for right out of the fridge.

Golden Delicious: Kids like them cause they are yellow, sweet & has a thin skin. Eat fresh or use in pies or applesauce.

Granny Smith: A favorite of our kids, hard and tart with lots of juice. Great fresh dipped in peanut butter or carmel, great in salads & for cooking.

Jonagold: Pretty good, tart and sweet. Look good out on counter! Eat fresh.

Jonathan: Juicy with a “tang” that is sweet too. Great eating fresh and cooking.

McIntosh: An apple many buy, lightly tart and very juicy...good anyway you slice it!

Northern Spy: TART. Cooking is the main use, pies, applesauce, all other dishes.

Rome: mildly sweet, best for cooking, it holds the flavor and shape best. Stuffed apples.

Do a Family Taste-test

This is a great time of the year to take a road trip to your local apple orchard. Pick apples together and get as many different kinds as you can. Take them all home and do a family taste-test. Make a list and have each person pick their favorite. You can even blind fold to add more fun and excitement to this experiment. The kids will love it!

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  • I live in Turkey, one of the major agricultural countries exporting to Europe. There are some wonderful varieties of apples here. I always look forward to Autumn. There is the "Arap Kizi" (Arab Girl) a stout, round dark red apple with speckles that is gently sour and my hands-down favorite. Then there is the Amasya, named after the central Anatolian region where it is grown: a small, fragrant apple with yellow and pink skin, it is crisp and sweet. There is a small yellow apple that is sour and excellent in pies, but sadly it is difficult to find in markets where Red Delicious and Granny Smith are taking over, imports from South America. The fruit in Turkey is delicious, none of that plastic-like, made-for-long haul stuff we have back home. Turks eat fruit for dessert, sitting at the table. It is not unusual for one person to sit with a knife and cut and peel the fruit and hand it out to the other people present. At restaurants you can always order a fruit plate for dessert, and it comes outf rom the kitchen, all carefully cut and peeled. Meals in this country are wondrous occasions, slow food at its best.

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