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The real secret to success in your business – it’s not what you think!

The secret for entrepreneurs and small business owners is not another brilliant marketing idea.

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What are your signs that you are in tune with your intuition? The experience is different for everyone. Here are some common experiences from my clients about when they know they are tapped in:

My inner voice sounds different than the usual chatter. I feel a quiet sense of calm. I feel an alignment of energy inside. I had a dream. It feels right. I feel a surge of energy and elation.

I feel a tingling in my arms and shoulders. I see a picture in my mind.

I find many of my clients are naturally intuitive but something happens when it comes to their business and especially marketing. They shift from their inner wisdom to frantically chasing more marketing knowledge and ideas outside of themselves. Knowledge is good and we need information for the “how to’s” of successful marketing but most entrepreneurs I know get stuck in collecting information.

The real goldmine is in listening to what you need to do next. This might be scary, in fact, it usually requires you to claim your brilliance in a new way and step into the spotlight. Even stepping in to the spotlight graciously and with integrity requires you to own your personal power. This is where getting support from a coach or mentor will help you shift your mindset, trust your intuition and take the actions aligned with your vision.

In this rapidly changing world you need to have skills that go beyond “great marketing.” The economy changes, demographics change, lifestyle desires change and then your marketing needs to change. Relying on your intuition to tell you what your business is wanting from you next, what your clients want and which decisions to make is where the power to your success is in any economy.

This week: Thank about one area of your business you want more clarity on or a decision that it’s time to make. When you think about this area, notice the signals your body sends to you. Pay attention to the ideas that pop up to inspire you to take action. Notice what resources are right in front of you waiting to help.

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Written by Laura Howard West, Center for Joyful Business, http:/ Marketing Sage and Business Coach, Laura West, provides you with tools, products, and coaching programs to help you discover how to create more passion, purpose and prosperity.

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