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Are you growing your business from scarcity or abundance?

Your mindset and energy are the most important resources in growing and running your business

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The next person I spoke with about the workshop tapped into my abundance, the beauty of the experience I wanted to provide and the possibilities. She helped bring the workshop alive! In fact, at the end of our conversation I had totally shifted from "I want to host this workshop in a safe place so I won't fail" to "I can't wait to tell everyone about this amazing experience I am creating for their success!"

Which intention sounds more engaging and enrolling? Nothing shifted in my resources as far as time, money or ability. What shifted was creating FROM abundance! It allowed me to step into my honest full-hearted desire and from there... anything was possible!

You can bet I'm on fire about this workshop and that my excitement and enthusiasm is engaging and enrolling! Suddenly filling the workshop seems easy! Of course, I know I'm partnering with the right mentors and support team but the real key to success was starting first with "creating from abundance."

What is your next project, program or information product you want to create and launch? Imagine you have a magic wand and you could create and launch your project any way you wanted. Let yourself dream...What would be different? What would happen that would have you giggle with delight? What would be included in your project that would make it fantastic? Whose help would you enroll that would make it easy and joyful?

Feel your energy surge and your inspiration ramp up! Now what is your first bite-sized step? Take it this week!

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Written by Laura Howard West, Center for Joyful Business, http:/ Marketing Sage and Business Coach, Laura West, provides you with tools, products, and coaching programs to help you discover how to create more passion, purpose and prosperity.

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