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5 tips for writing articles that will get your more clients

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Your new candle business has the potential to be everything you wanted. It's an ideal opportunity to combine an exciting career doing something you love while being home with your kids. But now that you're a work-at-home-mom (WAHM), how do you make time to market your candle business like you should?  And still spend time with your family like you want?

Article marketing - writing articles and letting others publish them - is an easy way for WAHMs to market their business effectively. It takes very little time, and it doesn't cost any money to do.

You simply write articles that educate your market about your candles and allow others to publish them. In exchange for your article, they give you a link back to your website. The article readers can follow the link to learn more about your candles, and hopefully make a purchase.


If you're wondering what kind of articles you can write about candles, here are some ideas to get you started.


1.) When you sell a candle, do you give your customers tips on how to get the most out of it? Do you tell them things like... how to trim the wick so it burns best? How to store the candle until they use it? What kind of holder would be best? All those tips you give out could be turned into great articles.

2.) When you pull a new candle out of its box, do you envision a dozen different ways that candle could enrich someone else's life? Write an article that gives a list of the many different ways to use various types of candles.

3.) If you have a direct sales candle business, and are recruiting people for your team, you can write articles on how to choose the right candle business for you.  (By the way, you'll have more credibility if you don't mention your own business in the article. That could make it sound like an ad.)

4.) Or, if you're making your own candles, maybe you could write an article on how to make a simple candle. People who are interested in making candles will di"scover you and might order candles from you when they need something special… or when their own candles don't turn out.

5.) No matter what types of candles you're selling, there are probably several things your customers should know before buying any candle. For example, you could explain about different ingredients that can be used to make candles, and give tips on choosing the right candle for you. Write articles that educate your readers on how to make good choices for their needs.

At the end of your candle article, be sure to add an author's resource box that includes your name and a link to your website. Then submit it to article directories, blogs, website owners, and newsletter publishers where your target market will read it.

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