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Fast Track Your Product Marketing

Use Product Placement

by Barbara Ryan  |  3746 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

So many marketing tactics, so little time! It can be overwhelming to accomplish all the marketing tasks in your business, but take notice of this high profile tactic to get your product noticed fast!

Entrepreneur moms who want to get noticed fast and make a lasting impression have a little trick up their sleeves: Product placement.

What is product placement? It is simply getting your product into the right person’s hands. Who’s hands? Why, celebrities and industry leaders of course. Hollywood celebrities or so called celebrities or high profile people in your industry. These are the people who generate the buzz, start the trends, and influence the general population.

Take this example for instance:. Two moms start a tee shirt company called Planet Mom T-Shirts and what do they do to get themselves noticed? They attend a local comedy show and make it close enough after the show to hand Kathy Griffin two T-shirts. Imagine their joy when, a few months later, Kathy Griffin wore one of the shirts on her television show. Media attention and lots of orders soon followed.

The costs are minimal, but the exposure can be huge. Never underestimate the power of a celebrity. Scan you local newspaper to see who is in town, if they are a part of your target market, or influence your target market, try and get your product to them.

Can’t get to celebrities, it’s ok. Product placement can work in other ways. Have a product that appeals to moms?

  • Offer freebies to select big name mommy bloggers, if they like it, they will blog about it getting you exposure.
  • Submit it for a review on a suitable review site. There are mom’s magazine online, ezines, newsletters, all targeting moms that could review and feature your product.
  • Offer your product as a contest prize.
As you can see, marketing can be done on a budget with a little creativity and research. Get your product into the right hands and business will be booming in no time at all!

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Barbara Ryan is a mom writer, designer, entrepreneur.

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2 comments so far...

  • Also, don't be discouraged by the feedback you get from mainstream customers. If you feel that you have something unique and exciting. As Barbara suggests, try to find other ways to get the attention of people who want to stand out and be different. There's a great example of this at (Mompreneurs), where a deerskin maternity outfit that one really creative women entrepenuer designed shocked the local shopping mall crowd but eventually was sold to Jada Pinkett Smith and featured on a Vogue cover shoot. You are right, Barbara. These can be very powerful ways to market your product.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by DorothyW on 22nd October 2008

  • Barbara you are right on the money!

    My company, Gemini Greetings, has partnered with Baby Swags to provide my unique cards for multiples to new celebrity moms with twins.

    I am waiting for the day to see J. Lo wearing the t-shirt I sent her with my logo on it. :-)

    There are so many great blogs and sites offering product reviews to help with exposure for our small businesses. It is well worth the time of seeking them out and sending your samples to them.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips. I can say first hand these avenues of marketing have helped me become noticed.


    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Bayou Twin Mom on 19th June 2008