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How To Halloween

Five easy costumes you don't need to have Martha's staff to create on your own

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So, Hallowe’en is looming, and you’re still procrastinating. The visions of Martha dancing in your head back in September have been replaced by nightmares of braving the party store, and you’re pretty much resigned to your kids looking like every other ninja or princess as they walk the streets begging for candy. Trust me, I’ve been there.

But take heart. The flammable flannel doesn’t have to be your destiny, and you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil to avoid it. It’s honestly not as hard as it seems, especially when once you’ve left the Martha myth behind. Because honestly, who has time to be Martha? Not even Martha has time to be Martha; she has a staff to do it for her. But us, the generic working moms out there? We don’t have a staff. We have children. Not child models, children. And that ups the difficultly level considerably. Still, with a little imagination and ingenuity you can manage to pull off a costume that showcases some individuality and creativity with virtually no sewing—and when I say “virtually no sewing” I mean something very, very different than when Martha says it. When Martha says “sewing,” she means a team of seamstresses toiling away in a garret somewhere; when I say it, you could pretty much substitute “stapler” and have the same result. Of course, if you’re looking for a costume that looks like a team of seamstresses from the House of Dior worked on it around the clock, these probably aren’t the costumes for you. If, however, you’re looking for a fun, easy, non-commercial project that will leave your kids with memories of the year Mom made the Halloween costumes but won’t add to their therapy bills later in life, these ideas might just be for you. (Click on the Costume Name to see pics!)

1. The Baby Bunny.

This one is a classic. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s cute, and it costs less than five bucks and takes less than five minutes to make. What’s not to love? You take a sleeper and sew a showerpuff to the bum (Yes, you have to sew it. Staples and glue don’t work; I’ve tried) Then plop some bunny ears on the head—putting them overtop of a toque or bonnet works best, and if you want to get really fancy you can do a few laps with the sewing needle to secure them, but you don’t have to. Add a little lipstick and eyeliner on the face, and voila! Bunny!

2. The Fairy

At some point, every little girl wants to be a fairy. It’s a rule. When that day comes, you have two choices: You can go out and buy the incredibly overpriced, too skimpy to actually wear outside getup, or, you can scrounge around in your dressup box and make use out of all those tutus in there (I’m not the only one whose daughter has 97 different tutus but never made it all the way through ballet babies, right?).

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Kimberly is a writer, teacher, and solo mom to the 8 year old Diva Girl and 3 year old Zen Baby. You can find her at

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