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Tips to Increase Traffic to Your eBay Store

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Here are some great news for all you eBay sellers: Just over one-third of all Internet users in the U.S. visit eBay each month! No other eCommerce site can say that. One report I read showed 80 million monthly visitors to eBay. That's a lot of buyers for your products.

So why aren't you getting multiple bids and selling all your stuff to make some extra money? Have you ever wondered why some auctions get hundreds of views while yours only gets 14?

If you have not thought about a blog to help you promote your eBay auctions or eBay store you should consider it. You have to get your eBay store link out there and do it outside of the actual eBay site. A great way to increase your store's link popularity is through blogs. Blogs naturally are filled with valuable content that the search engines crave and they also link to other websites they talk about within their posts. This can help get more people out there to your eBay store by reaching out to a wider audience.

You can have a"personal blog where you talk about a wide range of topics including your eBay store or you can have a blog specifically for your eBay store. Either way, if you blog about your store and include relevant links to it you will get more traffic. The key is to get people talking about you and your eBay store. Comment on other peoples' blogs that are similar to what you sell. Take these few baby steps and watch your page views grow!

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superMOM is really Kristi, a work at home mom who makes a living selling on eBay and blogging.

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