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Selling Children's Clothing on eBay

Tips to make some extra cash selling used kids' clothing on Ebay

by superMOM  |  3884 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

If you've tried selling used kids' clothing on Ebay you know that you can make a good profit and a better one than when you sell new clothes. While selling used clothing may take a little more of your time (finding, inspecting, washing, etc) you can easily make 10-20 times what you invested!

Most of us are familiar with getting used clothing from our own children's closets, garage sales or thrift/consignment stores. These are excellent sources and I still make weekly visits to my local thrifts, but it's not a good way to pay the bills. I do have two other sources where I usually find a great supply of quality used kids clothes extremely cheaply.

One is local moms--I get calls weekly to pick up clothing from other moms in my area. Here's how I do it: I'll start with a conversation (at daycare, school, gym, karate etc.) with another mom and of course the topic turns to what I "do". I tell them I own an online consignment store that specializing in second-hand children's clothing. This usually gets their attention. I give them my card and tell them I will pay cash for their kids outgrown clothes (while making a compliment on their child's adorable outfit!). When I go to look at their items, I try to pick out pieces that I know will sell and then make an offer. Usually this is not more than $1-$2 an outfit. (The great part is that moms tell their friends about me and I get even more customers!)

Most people wonder if moms get offended if I offer a very low amount of money for their kids' clothes. Well, in my town there are no consignment or resale-type shops. If these moms want cash for their kids' clothes they have only 2 options: Have a garage sale or sell it on eBay. I am simply giving them a 3rd option and it involves the lease effort, saving them time.

I also post ads and flyers. My best response comes from ads in my local free weekly paper. I've found that the key is in how I word the ad. Here are my two recent examples:

Closets overflowing with clothes your children have outgrown or no longer wear? I will pay you CASH for your child's used clothing!

Need extra spending money for Christmas? I pay CASH immediately for your child's outgrown clothes!

This method will get the phone ringing. And I've found that once I have a few regular clients I can stop advertising. The kids don't stop growing so the parents call every season!

I have 100s of auctions going on Ebay at any one time, but I know that I am still not an expert in this. I just wanted to share my experience and what has worked for me in my community for the past five years. (Many moms know me as the "clothes lady" so I don't even have to hand out cards anymore)

About the Author

superMOM is really Kristi, a work at home mom who makes a living selling on eBay and blogging.

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2 comments so far...

  • Diane - Even if you only have a few items, I believe it is TOTALLY worth it - if you have the time and the items!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by superMOM on 4th November 2007

  • Wow, this is great to know about. I've been wondering how you sell-from-home Ebay moms do what you do. Is it worth doing if you only have a few items at a time? I've been thinking of giving it a go, but I'm afraid it might be more trouble than it's worth, in my case.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 31st October 2007

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