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23 ways to burn 100 calories

10 Minutes is all you need!

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Let’s face it, we don’t always have time to do a full workout.

But you always have time for a workout quickie! Often times, 10 minutes is all you need to knock out a quick workout that burns 100 calories.

Here are 23 activities that burn 100 calories…

1.) Jog around the neighborhood for 10 minutes.

2.) Jump rope for 10 minutes.

3.) Climb up and down the stairs for 15 minutes

4.) Go roller-skating for 20 minutes.

5.) Ride a bicycle for 10 minute (power style!)

6.) Skip for 15 minutes (You’re never too old to skip!)

7.) 20 minutes of Housework

8.) Paint a room in your home for 30 minutes. (Paint 5 Rooms and you’ll burn 500 calories)

9.)Turn up the music and dance for 20 minutes

10.) Pedal on a stationary bike for 14 minutes

11.) 30 minutes of vacuuming

12.) Mow the lawn for 30 minutes (push-style!)

13.) 15 minutes of relaxed swimming.

14.) Play hide-and-seek with the kids for 20 minutes.

15.) Play soccer with the kids for 20 minutes.

16.) Wash windows for 20 minutes.

17.) Play 20 minutes of golf

18.) Run a mile

19.) Lift weights for 20 minutes

20.) Shoot some hoops for 20 minutes

21.) Belly dancing for 20 minutes

22.) Get on the rowing machine for 15 minutes

23.) Ice-skate for 20 minutes.

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