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Leap, step, step, leap

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Leaps in your business are both inspiring and powerful. Creating a new product, writing a new book, launching a new premium program, reaching more people, changing and bettering more lives and, of course, making more money are all common leaps you may desire in your business. These leaps in results are what shift your business to the next level of success.

Leaps don’t just happen, though.

You don’t wake up one day, and leaps of success and results just appear.

Here’s the real secret to creating leaps in your business. The first part of the leap formula is setting aside time to purposely envision the leaps. What kind of leaps do you want in your business? A few examples are working with more clients, attraction publicity, winning awards that reinforce your expertise and credibility, publishing a book, sitting on Oprah’s couch, making more money, charging more money, and providing unique experiences for your clients.

Again, the first part to leaping in your business is incorporating reflection and visioning time into your week. You have to carve out time and space in your day to let the creative ideas come into your consciousness. These creative inspirations are the magic to big business dreams. This is where your leap starts.

The second part of the formula for creating leaps in your business is more everyday-practical. You have to take action – take baby steps. The leaps you envisioned in the first part define your actions. Because the only way to manifest the leap in your vision – to make it real – is to take steps everyday toward your expansion. Write the email campaigns, make the calls, say yes, and follow through with the opportunities that appear before you and are aligned with your big leap.

As you take these steps toward your vision, you get clearer and closer to your leap. It becomes energized – you have enthusiasm, belief, the power of conviction, which pulls you forward into more inspired action steps. And you may need to go back and tweak your vision – tweak your leap.

Once you experience a leap in your results, then you’ll be looking for your next leap of growth. It’s in our very nature to want creative expansion. Leaping in your vision and then stepping into action lead to bigger leaps in results. The new results then inform your vision which informs your action steps and so on. It becomes a creative inspirational and manifestation cycle.

Leap – Step – Step – Leap

And so it goes.

This week, put on your calendar time for reflection and visioning. Your time will be more productive and creative if you get out of your office. Visioning isn’t done at your desk – that’s where the “step-step” implementation happens.

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