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7 free resources for the savvy job hunter

Looking beyond LinkedIn

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By Roxanne Ravenel for Excelle

Here are seven no-cost resources to help you become a more savvy job hunter that has the skills to compete in the current job market:

1.) LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals. An updated LinkedIn profile is practically a must-have for every job hunter. However, LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunters. It’s an essential tool for anyone who understands the importance of networking as a career management tool. You can connect with current or former colleagues and alumni and request recommendations (a professional endorsement) from people you’ve worked with in the past. LinkedIn also offers a great opportunity to connect with people within organizations you are targeting during your job search.

2.) O*NET Online. A full-access version of the occupational network database. This is an invaluable tool for researching industries and discovering occupations that you might not have previously considered, but closely match your skills.

3.) This career management tool works seamlessly with LinkedIn or any spreadsheets that you might already be using. This tool will enable you to keep track of all of your job search and networking contacts and any correspondence or follow-up. Best of all, if you need to resume your job search in three years, the information you collected this go-round will still be there waiting for you.

4.) This online tool truly allows you to bring your resume to life -- complete with presentations, documents, video, and a photo, if you so desire. It is especially useful for creatives with large portfolios. However, it can be a great way for any job hunter to stand out. Rather than just reading about your accomplishments, an employer can view a presentation you gave, see certificates you’ve received, and go through your portfolio. Note: The VisualCV does not replace your traditional resume. Rather, it should be used in conjunction with it.

5.) Up late worrying about tomorrow’s interview or wondering whether you should have listed every job you’ve ever had on your resume? -- available online 24/7 -- will keep you company and keep you informed about the latest job search strategy news. Listen to career and job search-related podcasts anytime or download a show and listen to it on your computer or MP3-player at your convenience. features content from Secrets of the Job Hunt, Career Communique, Jobacle, Jobs in Pods, Total Picture Radio, and the SavvyJobseeker Podcast -- hosted by yours truly.

6.) The Savvy Jobseeker Training Center. Get 24/7 access to article, video, and audio libraries; online forums; and a number of other tools and resources for job hunters. Need more support at a minimal price? A low-cost upgrade gives you access to live workshops and bi-weekly Q&A sessions.

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