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3 Ways New Moms Can Start Making Money From Home

Posted 25th February 2016 by tammywy

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Lots of women are becoming mothers these days. As the Millennial generation, the largest generation of young people since the Boomers, comes of age, it means that there will be more new parents in America than there have been at one time in several generations. That, combined with many cultural changes involving how people make money, means that new mothers are going to be looking for employment options centered around a home life. To keep women in the workforce, many businesses are offering better-that-ever maternal leave benefits. But even months of paid leave may not be enough to keep bright new mothers on the payroll. Here are some self-employment opportunities for new mothers, to keep income coming in while you bond at home with your new child.


1)    Freelancers. I guarantee that you have at least one marketable skill that enables you to work as a freelancer through job posting sites like Upwork. Whether you have data entry skills, web design experience, copywriting prowess, or any of dozens of other options, there are freelance jobs available for you online. Take a look at jobs that are available and check back often at sites that post them. If you can offer the right price for a well-fitting job, just after it is posted, you will be much more likely to win the job. Many positions like this can go on to work out for months or even years. So start cultivating your client stable now, and enjoy working from home in your spare time.

2)    Daycare. Cloud-based apps like SkyChildCare allow you to start an industry-leading daycare center in the comfort of your home. The software will help you to manage enrollment, tuition payments, check-in and check-out, plus much more and it’s free for home-based providers. Of course, starting a daycare will take some investment and work, and you’ll have to comply with local and federal regulations. But it’s worth the effort, as small local daycares are invaluable to career people and can bring in a lot of money for someone like you. Simultaneously, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your own child, who will benefit from the strong social atmosphere and your attention. Hire an assistant or specialty teachers as you grow and you’ll also be a job creator in a difficult market, since this is one industry that seems recession-proof.

3)    Sell Stuff You Make. The age of Etsy is still upon us, and it’s an opportunity to use your building and crafting skills to make things that real people want to buy. Get your knitting on, or use your metal or woodworking skills to make items that people buy year round. If you garner enough success through selling platforms like Etsy, you may be able to go it alone, taking your brand onto your own website and becoming a cottage industry based on products you build with your hands. Who doesn’t want to do that?

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