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4 Things That Will Keep You Sane While ‘Mothering.'

Posted 13th July 2017 by tammywy

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Motherhood takes all the time from your hands. You are torn between being there for the baby and chasing your career, and eventually, you find that you can do both. Well, you do not have to give on everything that makes you who you are when trying to be the world’s best mother. Every mother is great in her own way.

How do you keep at it without losing your sanity?

  • Start A Blog
If you have a passion for writing, document your journey if you feel like it would help other mothers. We could all use some inspiration from those who have been there and done that. The thing about motherhood that new parents fail to realize is that it is never perfect, and it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

Keeping it real with your challenges and small victories will not only keep you sane, but it will give you an avenue to escape too. Additionally, you will be making a little passive income on the side.

  • Take A Break
Even heroes need breaks from time to time. Taking the weekend off to get some much-needed spa love will not make you a bad mother. Babies are draining, and if you add a demanding career to that, you find that you could easily break down if you do not make a little time for yourself.

Escape to a place where you can get a massage and a little pampering at least once a month. Catch up with your reading and the current music. The baby will be just fine with daddy.

  • Meet The Girls
When you become a mother, the little one becomes the center of your universe. When you meet with the girls, all you want to talk about is the baby. While that is perfectly reasonable, you may want to get away for a few hours every month to touch base with your girlfriends. As you may have learned over the years, nothing means more than having friends in whom you can confide. Hit the club, dance yourselves silly, indulge in a little wine, and then go home and resume mommy duties. The world will not stop.

  • Go On A Drive
This will not take you off the typical day too much, but it could help you sort things out and feel rejuvenated. You cud leave the office earlier a few times in the month and just get out of town. If you live close to the beach, drive over and let the lapping water heal the soul. Equally effective is a walk.

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