Working and Pumping: 10 Things Nursing Moms Should Bring to the Office

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If you're planning to pump when returning to work, you might want to bring the following items with you to make it a bit easier.
  1. Breast pump
  2. Extra parts
  3. Steam sanitizer bags for your pump parts
  4. Photos of your baby
  5. Snacks/comfort food
  6. An extra blouse (in case you leak)
  7. A book, your ipod, or something to listen to while you pump
  8. Plastic or glass storage bottles and a small cooler to store them in
  9. A towel to put over the pump if you need to muffle the noise
  10. A huge container of water (drinking water helps boost your milk production)

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  • I love the sanitizer bags, but would also add the sanitizing wipes, in case you can't get to a microwave or water!

    Also, a phone with a speakerphone and mute button, so you can dial into the all-day meeting when you need to excuse yourself.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by samell on 3rd September 2008

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