What to pack for preschool or daycare

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Whether you're a veteran day care parent or your child is just starting to attend, it can be stressful to figure out what you need to bring each day or what you should keep in your kid's cubby. This easy checklist from Work It, Mom! should help!

The items you need to bring (or keep stocked) will vary depending on the age and needs of your child. Most centers require a doctor's note in order to administer over-the-counter medications; be sure to check with administrators so that you have all of your authorizations in order!

For the cubby:
  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Diaper cream
  4. Baby acetomenophen or ibuprophen (with doctor's note)

  5. Extra pacifiers
  6. Extra sippy cup
  7. Crib-size sheet for nap time
  8. Small blanket for nap time

  9. Two shirts (replace seasonally)
  10. Two pairs of pants or shorts (replace seasonally)
  11. Two pairs of underware (more, if potty training)
  12. Two pairs of socks
  13. One pair of clean, soft, indoor shoes
  14. Rain or snow boots (seasonal)
  15. Towel and bathingsuit for water play during warm weather
  16. Snow pants or suit for cold weather
  17. Extra pair of gloves or mittens
  18. Extra hat for cold weather


To bring each day:
  1. Age-appropriate lunch and snack (unless center provides them)
  2. Bottles of expressed breast milk or formula for babies
  3. Juice or milk for older children (unless center provides it)
  4. Special stuffed animal for nap time
  5. Clothing that's easy to run around in
  6. Appropriate outerwear



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  • Make sure to check with your Director to find out which of these items can stay in your child's cubby, and which need to be kept in a locked cabinet (medications, ointments). It's also important to label everything with your child's name so that they staff members can keep them straight. Remember, no sweatshirts or jackets with drawstrings or mittens with long strings attached, as these can pose safety hazards.

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  • This is GREAT!

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