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Hi there!

  • Thanks for starting this group - balance is something of a mystery to me so hopefully we can all share some great suggestions!
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  • Hi Nataly,

    Welcome to the group! I think the possibliltiy of leading a balanced life iis a bit of a myth. We all have passions that ebb and flow and priorities that change. Our lives are constantly evolving and what is balanced one day is not the next.

    However, I do believe that in striving to get there, we do good things for ourselves, our families, our companies and our communities. In seeking balance we will occasionally acheive it, even if it's fleeting. The striving is what makes us better people.

    I know I get really harried when I try to multi-task - so one way that helps me feel balanced is committing to one thing at a time and giving it my full attention.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you!


    Eileen in FL (Tampa Bay Area)
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  • Just joined Work It, Mom! I badly need work/life balance. I work full time, and so does my husband and he works alot of overtime. So most of the time it is just me! (Like tonite, he is working out of town). So I am the one juggling work/family/house/dog/etc.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

    Latest balancing act:

    Trying to get my wireless working on my laptop. So I am on the phone with the router people who can not speak english (no offense, i just had to make her repeat everything she said), my husband is working out of town and is beeping in on the phone like every minute, and the dog is going nuts because I am not paying attention to her. Needless to say one of my husband's books is in shreds.

    But hey, my wireless works now and I managed to keep my sanity!

    Just thought I would share, it was pretty funny afterwards!!

    Come visit me as I try to get start blogging again!
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  • Welcome Dixychick!

    I can't tell you how many times I've thanked my lucky stars that video phones haven't caught on!

    I have had sitcom-like moments where I'm on a work conference call, my dog is hiding under the kitchen table eating a pair of my husband's underwear and my 5 yr. old is in the kitchen "cooking". I discovered early on that neither of them understand frantic sign language accompanied with mouthed threats and scowling... They both just happily continue doing whatever they want cause they know I'm on the phone...

    I think the hardest thing for me is that I know they just want my attention, and they don't get why I can't play. Afterall, I'm right here. I just try to keep things in perspective. I work from home, and get to see them more than if I were gone all day. Sometimes I think it would be easier to have seperate places for the seperate areas of my life, then I remember my old commute...


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  • Any suggestions on having a baby after 13 years?

    I have a 13 year old son and just got married again in July, and we want to have a baby. He has none. I work full time and have already got somewhat of a routine with my 13 year old. I think having a baby is going to turn our world upside down; let me rephrase that: I dont' think, I know it will!! I have no doubt that my 13 year old will be an awesome big brother and a big helper. The difference between him and this new baby is that I didn't work when I had him, I stayed home his first 3 years and when he went to preschool, I went back to school. I went back to work when he went to kindergarden.

    The plan for us right now: is to buy a new house this year (soon), and then try and be preganant for christmas.

    I will be 33 this year, I feel like I am running out of time to have a baby.

    Any adivice on balancing a newborn after 13 years?
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  • I am loving the WorkIt, Mom site! May I join your group?

    I'm work full-time, but 2 days a week I get to work from home. Still, I send my 2-year-old to daycare 5 days a week. (I used to keep him home with me, but once he hit about 14 months, that plan was clearly NOT going to work any more!) I struggle to find balance and Eileen, I think your point is excellent: what is balanced one day is not necessarily balanced the next day.

    Looking forward to "meeting" everyone!

    dixychick -- best of luck to you! I think it's great you want to have a baby after 13 years! A friend of mine did the same -- her youngest was about 12 when her baby was born. She's loving it, and enjoying this baby sooo much more because of her 'seasoned' perpsective.
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  • loving the site, heard about it on BlogHer (where I've heard about SO MANY cool things)... the post struck me when talking about trying to network for your career... after your children have gone to bed.

    mom of one so far... 2nd marriage wanting to have 2nd baby, so I understand dixy's trepidation there. We're planning on buying a house this summer, moving and starting to try next summer... right before baby #1 enters kindergarten...

    Good luck to you and to me. Family is family and once you add someone... that's all that matters.

    I'd been working professionally for 3 years when my son was born, and got sick of comments about how my 'vacation' was. Also, the relationship with my ex started going downhill after I returned to work fulltime (no choice on the matter) and housework and cooking started going downhill. I couldn't explain to him that I needed his help, he just didn't get it. UG, in the past now.

    Happily married to a fellow engineering geek now. He's in his late 30's, so his biological clock is ticking as bad as mine in my late 20's. So, we've gotten into a routine and he's wonderful with helping with everything from housework to dressing the little guy. You have to have an involved partner if you're a married working mom, otherwise the stress gets to you.

    It's not so bad for me now, I don't think. I manage to grow my expertise, get the 'necessities' done around the house and spend as much time as possible with my son. I do wish I hadn't had to miss so much of his infancy and toddlerhood because I had to work in my office (I asked for two days a week at home, but, my boss said no, because then everyone else would want it as well ~eye roll~ he's also the one who told me the daycare made me pick up my son too often for illness and I should get a nanny. To each their own, but, I've got trust issues, I want checks and balances and multiple sets of eyes on my child.)

    Anyway... BABBLING, it was a short night last night, I really should turn in...

    Great meeting you guys via this thread and am looking forward to being a part of this community...
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  • I am new to workit, mom and think it is great so far. I like hearing all the comments and information. I have two children, and wish I could afford a nanny. Mostly this would not be a problem since my oldest is 8 and youngest is 3. I hate the daycare system. I am moving away from my point. I am looking forward to hearing any tips you all have, and hope mine help you when I have them
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Michelle Anderson on 27th June 2007
  • Hi, Michelle -


    I am curious - why don't you like daycare? We've just switched from nanny to daycare for our daughter, actually, after she turned 3. It's definitely much more hassle - making lunch, drop off, pick up, she is not sleeping there yet, etc - but I feel like she is having more fun than she did with a great nanny we had before.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 28th June 2007
  • I do not mind the hassel. I guess I feel like I would be able to control the environment more if it was my environment. Like on a windy day when they take the kids out, (I am talking 35 mph gusts), I want my son inside. I have expressed these concerns to them, and they try to work with me as much as they can. Christopehr is a very unique kid. He is three, and he is very particular. Also, he recently chenged to the three year old class, and I have had no reports on his day, and some other issues,I even had the afternoon teacher get an attitude with me, this I did get an apology for, but I guess I feel like if he had a nanny, then I could have more to do with how his day went. I think it has more to do with the situation, and we have had to take him out of two different daycares before this one. The first due to the fact that he started there, got sick, and did not get better until we took him out, at our doctor's demand. The second he was a little bit older, and did not constantly stay sick, but I had one of the teachers there get in my face, while I was dropping him off, needless to say, that was the last time they saw him. It was over the fact that I said Christopher didn't like her. I mean Hey, he has a right like anyone else, I didn't say that she was doing anything wrong, he just did not like her. So, I have had nothing but nightmares. This daycare has been good until lately. He has been there a year. I like the director and they do not change teachers all of the time. They just need to get the 3 year old room under control, then we will be fine again. So that is it.
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