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Suggestions for finding family-friendly employers?

  • I met with a friend this morning - she and her husband are trying to get pregnant and she is also looking for a new job. She is a fairly senior project management professional with about 15 yeras of experience, so the jobs she is interviewing for are demanding. We were talking about how she might go about figuring out whether companies she is talking to are family friendly - she is asking the questions to the people she is interviewing, but is doubting whether they would tell her anything she might not want to hear.

    Any ideas?
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  • I have some suggestions about this on my website, Flexible Workforce Solutions.

    The idea is to ask questions about the company culture at appropriate times in the interview that will give you insight into what family-friendly benefits and flexible scheduling options a company will consider without bringing up any bias against working moms. Especially for moms in high powered jobs, a lot of this bias exists.

    I wish your friend good luck in her job search and her attempts to start a family.


    Flexible Workforce Solutions
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  • In addition to asking questions of those she interviews with, I suggest asking for an opportunity to talk with future peers. Often, they can provide valuable insight on what the real company culture is. Here are some other tips:

    Take a look around the office, does she see any indicators of parents such as proudly displayed young artwork?

    Ask about success- does the company know how to measure productivity? Or does the person who "puts in the hours" succeed?

    What is a typical day like? If everyone works from 7am-7pm, it is not going to be family friendly.

    Check out the leadership in the company. Are all higher ranking executives men? Lack of female leadership is a good indicator that the company may not be friendly to working moms.

    I hope this helps. My book about this topic was just released- would make a great gift for your friend! (The Parent's Guide to Family Friendly Work, Career Press).

    Good luck!

    Lori K. Long
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  • I she PMP certified? If so (or even if not) i would suggest as they are a fairly tight network (at least the chapters in DC are!) of Project Management folks (and companies) who can help her weed through the rhetoric verse the companies that are serious about flexibility!
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  • ViewArticlePage/dlinkFullArticle&sp=S601&sp=94

    That's Working Mother Magazine's top 10. You can also go and check out their top picks for the industry of your choice. It's an interesting read. Even if you can't work for a suggested company, it may give some ideas for the kinds questions you should ask regarding benefits.
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  • Nell over at:

    She has some amazing resources! Highly recommended...

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