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  • I'm a newbie. Just wanted to say "hi", and introduce myself. I live in Needham, and work as an attorney in Boston. I head up a group of working mothers through a Needham-based parents' association, Parenttalk. We meet monthly. If you would like more info about my group, post here, or write me at And likewise, I will survey my members, and perhaps move my terrestrial group (does that term apply?) online here.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jane on 15th June 2007
  • Hi, Jane!

    Welcome to Work It, Mom!

    I've actually just moved to Newton from New York (and Work It, Mom! will be based here as well). You should definitely check out creating a Group for Parenttalk on Work It, Mom! - it's quite simple. You can have your own message board (like we're doing here), post photos, and soon, upload links for your group.
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