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Downtown Women' s Club Moms - Introduce yourself

  • Hi - I'm Diane Danielson, the founder of the Downtown Women's Club, a business network and career website for women. I'm also a single mom of a seven year old boy. Divorced while pregnant, I've been doing the juggling act for a while and think it's great to have an online forum for our members who are also moms! I hope you introduce yourself and add topics, articles and anything else you want to share with other working moms.
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  • Hi-I'm Shellie Peters and a transplant to the Boston area. We have 3 and 5 year old boys (holy cow! no one warned me how much work this would be). I am a private wealth consultant who works with clients on their overall financial well-being (financial planning, life goals, integration with other financial products and services, estate planning, investment planning and manager selection as well as working with our tax team on the various complexities that can surround wealth). Personally my passion is being around people who are up to incredible things in the world and who really want to leave a legacy. (I am a philanthropist in training if you will!) Tips about keeping all the balls in the air and shifting gears are most helpful to me; I hope to be able to share some of my tricks as well! I was a 40 under 40 award recipient in Syracuse, NY but have temporarily put the extensive community involvement on hold for the boys (and further as a result of my commute from NH). Looking forward to 'meeting' more working moms!
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