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Poll: Do you have a housekeeper?

  • Yup. I have one and I LOVE HER! She comes on an as-needed basis which is WONDERFUL because I am too cheap to pay for one to come out each week. Besides, I don't actually MIND cleaning. I just don't have time for some of the deep cleaning that needs to take place.

    She is a family friend though. I'm not sure I would want a stranger coming into my house to clean when I'm not home.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 27th August 2007
  • Yes. She comes twice a week. My husband would like her to come more often, but I can't bear the idea of losing my Quiet Time. Our housekeeper has been with his extended family for about 40 years and we spend entirely too much time drinking tea and gossiping.

    Cleaning day is Redemption Day as far as I am concerned.
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  • Yes, it was the best decision we recently made. It takes the pressure off both my husband and myself, so we can focus on our daughter and each other when we are home together. We never had a large enough chunk of time to even get the entire house cleaned at one time! It was an eternal struggle.
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  • I give my babysitter a lil extra every week for the chores she helps me with. Sometimes it's laundry, sometimes cleaning the kitchen and livingroom, and getting the kids to clean their room. Once a month, I pay her a regular babysitting day's fee for her to just clean the things that I hardly get to (like the walls, shelves, cabinets) while I take the kids out for a few hours. It gives me peace of mind to know the kids have a clean place to live and I don't stress about not spending time with them to clean. I know moms whose houses are spotless and kids completely neglected. I say, the dishes can wait for tonight, right now we're off to the zoo!
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