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Poll: How do you feel about the start of your work-week?

  • How do you feel about the start of your work-week?

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  • It varies for me, I think that on weekends when I have been super busy or overwhelmed with child "issues" I cannot wait to start the week, but on others, I just want one more day to sleep, and one more day to cuddle with my kids.
  • I usually look forward to it but I might be odd in that I LOVE my job.

    That said, Monday's seem harder for me in the summer since I love to be outside. It seems to be difficult for me to put out the bonfire in the backyard at a decent hour on a Sunday night so we can get thru our evening routine and crawl into bed at a decent hour.
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  • Kathy, this is on a totally different topic, but you HAVE to share with all of us more about your job and how you found something that you love. Seriously.
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  • We're working a flex schedule this summer to spend more time with our son. So on Mondays, I take the morning off and take him out to play. I have to say that every Monday should start with a trip to the Natural History Museum or to the pool or to a hiking trail to collect treasures.

    After lunch, I work for 2 hours and he has some downtime in the houese and its easy to slip into work while little arms slip around my neck and whisper "thanks for the nice day mom. we're so lucky, huh."
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