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Selling at art fairs and craft fairs

  • I enjoy beading and making other jewelry and would love to sell at art fairs and craft fairs, but I don't even know where to start. I'm hoping to have things in place so I can sell at a show or two in spring of 2008.

    Anyone out there doing this now that has any advice for me?
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  • First, get a list of upcoming fairs in your area. The local chamber of commerce, tourism commission and conference centre would be good places to start.

    Then start contacting them. Find out how to get a table there, who will attend, how many attendees are expected.

    If you deicide that's the right one for you, then design a display booth, make a large inventory, get some business cards and a brochure and determine how you'll take payment (cash only is usually ok at these things).
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  • Another idea might be to see if you could set up a table at a local school. I am a teacher, and there is always someone set up in the hall outside of our teachers' lounge selling something. Some of it is junk, but a lot of times it is really nice stuff, and I enjoy getting to go "shopping" during my conference period. A lot of the ladies come back regularly, and the schedule is posted on our employee calendar, so we look forward to seeing what new things they have each time.
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  • and find out if you need a seller's license from the city. it varies from place to place.
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  • When I was in medical school, there were always tables set up in the common areas of the hospital around the holidays with people selling hand made jewelry, knitted items and other things that made nice gifts. People were lined up there constantly to do their Christmas shopping since they often worked long or unusual hours and didn't have a lot of chances to shop normal stores.

    Just a thought! Also, the gift shops often carried some of these items as well.

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  • Hi. I'm new here and I'm just starting my own little business on the side and was wondering the same thing--just how do you get started?? Do we need a tax ID # or are there any other things that we have to have? Do we need a "buiness license"?? Where do we find out the answeres to questions like these??

    Thanks and I think I'm really going to like it here.

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  • Hi Cindy!

    A business license is easy to obtain. Contact your city hall or chamber of commerce to get the paperwork you need to submit-- and it's just better to have one sooner than later.

    You don't need a tax ID#-- you can use your social security number if it's a one-person, small business. I would go and talk to an accountant (most will meet with you for free). You will want to set up a business account for yourself at your local bank, with your name Doing Business As (DBA) Your Business Name. Keep all the money you earn there, and then "Pay" yourself into your personal account from that account. Then, you can see clearly, at tax time, your earnings.

    Also? Set up a savings account. Whenever you make ANY money, put 25% of it immediately into your savings account. Because that is how much you will be paying Uncle Sam, or Uncle Canada, depending on where you live. Your accountant can also explain things like quarterly estimated tax. It doesn't matter whether you make $100, $1000-- you still need to plan for taxes.

    Do you have any other questions? What is your business going to be?
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  • It will just be a small arts and crafts type business. I make purses and I get so many compliments on them that I decided I should start selling them.....

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  • Ooh, Cindy-- can we see pictures?
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  • Sure, but can I post pictures here--I don't see an option for that.

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