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Any advice on website marketing?

  • I just recently developed a website for moms who want to WAH. This is all new to me and I think I've done a great job so far (if I do say so myself ). But I need some marketing ideas...any moms have website marketing experience? I could sure use some advice...
  • I have found article marketing to be a great plan that continues to work for you long term. Writing articles on your topic (or even tips) and then submit them to article directories like or with your resource box and a link to your site. Other websites will come to the directories and post your articles on their site with an inbound link to your site. This has been one of the most successful traffic building practices. It does take about 10 article submissions to really start seeing this work for you.
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  • With full disclosure of self-interest, might I suggest that submitting articles to be published on Work It, Mom! is a great way to build your brand as well
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  • Thank you, Meri and Nataly! Let me just dust the cobwebs off my writing skills and I'll get right to work!
  • There is a blog on cheap marketing ideas at I've also gotten a significant amount of traffic by contributing links to my site to related yahoo groups, and when we have events going on, I advertise them on
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  • Thank you so much! I'll check out that blog and I didn't even think of yahoo groups....thanks!
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  • Joining Facebook and posting links to your business there is also a free way to attract visitors to your website!
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  • Thank you all for the great suggestions!
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  • This is an older thread - but, I thought I would chime in as a new member

    How is your site coming along?... Here are a couple of quick thoughts I had on this topic:

    1. Start blogging... I'm just realizing the power of a blog - but, my traffic has almost doubled to one of my sites after adding a blog and posting regularly. Visit other blogs that touch on similar topics and comment - this will give you links back to your site. Maybe even offer to guest blog on other people's blogs so your name gets out there and you are viewed as an expert.

    2. Networking is a great way to market too - especially with moms. Facebook was mentioned - also starting a Squidoo lens on your topic.

    3. Article marketing... already mentioned - a great marketing strategy!

    4. Create a free report (or find one you can have rights to) and give it away for others to give to their list of readers

    5. Start (if you haven't already) building a list of subscribers... the 'gold is in the list'!!! (Can't emphasize that enough) - so, come up with strategies to build your list... some already mentioned. Have an opt-in on your site so you are collecting emails and names in exchange for something.

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  • Jenni - creating a free report is such a great suggestion! I worked with a company once where we did this on a quarterly basis - we'd email it to our contacts in the press, post it on the site, send it to our partners - after a while, people started to mention it, and they would, of course, link to our site.

    And it really doesn't have to be long or complex..
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