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  • I don't pay my kids a regular allowance. From time to time they are cash rewarded for doing chores but on a regular basis they do not receive an allowance. They would like to start getting an allowance but I am not interested in giving them a stale list of things to do week after week (e.g. make beds daily) for the same flat rate each week. I would like to come up with a list of possible chores they can do and pay them for what they accomplish.

    I also believe that there are some things they are EXPECTED to do. There is no pay for putting your dishes in the dishwasher in this house. They are expected to do that.

    Do you pay your kids an allowance? How much do you pay them and are there incentives for them to do extra chores?
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  • I started giving my kids $1/week when they were 6 years old and adding $1/week for each year. They are now 11 and 13 ($6/week and $8/week). They use the money to buy "impulse" purchases when we go shopping, save to purchase something they really want, or more likely today -- pay their cell phone penalties (too much text messaging!). They must do all of their chores during the week in order be eligible for allowance. As you point out, they are simply expected to do those things that assist with the family, but the allowance "incentive" helps to get them done.

    When they were little, "chores" meant making their beds and keeping their rooms picked up. Now that they are bigger, there is laundry, yard duties, and dishes. This has worked out pretty well. They have learned to manage money; it stops the inevitable "Can you buy me this?" in stores because they know they would have to use their own money; and lastly, it gives them just a little more incentive to complete their chores other than "it's the right thing to do". I will pay extra for "projects" -- often this is needed to pay cell phone penalties.

    I keep track of their allowance on the same calendar that we keep track of social obligations. They remind me when I forget!
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  • I do not give my son allowance for things that are expected, the clean room, bed made ,laundry put away, dishes away that type of stuff but I do give him not reall an allowance for all the exttra things he does. For instance my mom lives with us and is unable to walk do to a staf infection with a knee replacement. She is in a wheelcair and cannot walk. So Zachary may help Mommom as much or as little as he wants. He may dust her room empty her trash, even help her into bed. My daughter also lives with us as well as her 2 small children. Zachary may help keep up to the babies when Nik is not there

    or in the shower or show AJ how to clean up........So with all that I may give him what I feel is a good job. Unless we are going some place like the book store than no I won't give him the allowance I'll buy him books. If we go to the movies he may even opt to pay my way in so it all comes out in the wash.
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  • There is no allowance at my house - living with me is such a joy they should pay me to be there

    That being said - We have assorted chores that are available (but not assigned) each with a different pay. The lawn pays $15, unloading the dishwasher pays $1.50, etc... If one of the kids chooses to do a job they need to do it properly in order to get credit. And, instead of handing them cash (which I rarely have), we keep a running tally "checkbook".

    Works out pretty well -
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  • We do the same at my house-- no allowance, but lawn pays $5 (we are cheap!), vacuuming pays $3/room (I am desperate). Then for other chores, I don't usually pay them-- mostly for yard work.
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  • We've been talking about this a lot lately, as our oldest is nearing 5, and we'd like to do a more active job of teaching her about managing money than our parents did. As kids, I got a monthly allowance which started out at something like $5 per month, and worked up to about $20 per month over the years. My husband got nothing and had a paper route, etc. We're not sure what we'll do. I did pay her 1% of the profits from our last two garage sales because she helped all day and helped clean things up and talk to customers. It worked out to about $3.00 each time.
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  • We have a system- I made up a calendar of chores for my 3 older kids...if they complete them without me having to nag them, they get paid once a month...they've only received an allowance once in 6 months I try to teach them that in the real world they don't get paid to be lazy...I guess I need a new system...
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  • Too funny. We used to have a chart like that for cleaning our cat's litter box when we were kids. It still almost never got done....

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  • We have a system that is m-o-s-t-l-y working ...

    We don't pay for regular chores like keeping your room clean, dishes, and everyday stuff.

    If they want to make some extra money for something they really want, we set up projects they can do to earn money.

    So far, it's working great...the only thing we're having issues with is the


    Talk to you soon,

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  • DS is too little to receive an allowance, but DH and I don't want to give him one when he's older. Like you said, we don't think it's a good idea to reward him with cash for doing household tasks that need to be done to help the family. I mean, really, I wish I got paid for doing the dishes and Swiffering! When Elliott's older, our plan is to give him money when he wants it, but not go overboard. But, that's easy to say now! We'll see...
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