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Is a literary web site feasible?

  • I've been working as an academic editor for 12 years at a university. I also edit an economics/business journal and do a few books for professors every year. I'm into writing and especially into supporting writers and encouraging them. I am thinking about starting up a web site that will feature short stories and articles about the city I live in (Istanbul), in English. The idea would be to showcase contemporary Turkish short story writers, help them edit their stories and then publish them online. There is very little literature available about Turkey besides the usual history books, and in Turkey writers have very little chance to showcase their work.

    I want to combine my language skills (I am fluent in Turkish), my editing experience and my academic background background (BA, MA in history) and publish this literary review.

    My question is, where to start? Is this something from which I might be able to generate income one day or should I look at it as a hobby only?

    I should add that I am a web master with two sites at work, one for an architecture office, and then several blogs for work and play. I enjoy web design and content writing.

    I have never discussed this with anyone. It's a secret little fantasy. But I think this is an appropriate place to get some feedback.
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  • I say,"Go for it!" If you enjoy designing websites and your passion is literature, it's a win-win situation. You could begin on a free web host and see if your site gains popularity. You can definitely earn an income depending on how aggressively you market and if you implement income generating components. I think in todays www market you are able to reach all audiences. You have nothing to lose but a little time and alot of effort
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  • The websites I have running are all not-for-profit. I have no experience with marketing anything--- this is why I work at a state institution instead of freelance. I've always been uncomfortable with negotiations and billing (I did work freelance for eight years as a private English instructor.) That doesn't mean that I can't learn.

    RIght now my daughter is a sophomore in high school. We plan to send her to the US for university. At that point I will not have to be home every day at a set hour to meet her bus and then oversee the evening program. My dream/plan ( if it is feasible) is to leave the university then-- but only if I can exceed my present income. I imagine a combination of web work and freelance editing, and expanding my work as a equestrian photographer. I've started up a website this week to support the Istanbul dressage community ( After this month, when I am extremely busy at my Real Job, I plan to develop the site and....try to get some advertisers.

    I have no idea how to do that. Keep in mind that I live in Istanbul, Turkey. Business relationships are not as straightforward as they are in the US and Europe. Not only will I have to learn how to be an entrepreneur, I will have to do it in an environment where people are....hmmmm....not always....word keepers. Let's put it that way. Finessing the system is a whole new ball of yarn-- it looks like a ball of yarn, but once you get inside it is a big tangle.

    I do think it is possible, and I feel excited about the possibilities...but at the same time...scared.
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  • Katie K,

    This is FANTASTIC!

    I am going to think about your questions and think of a thoughtful reply for you, but first I need coffee .

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