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How do you structure your day?

  • I am curious about ways you're structuring your day - do you have specific hours when you work (say when kids are asleep, early in the am, etc)?

    Also, how much time do you have each day when you're just focused on work?
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  • Structure whats structure?

    Most of my work revolves around little people (a two year old and a 9 month old!), so I structure according to their routines and their arriving and leaving times. My second job gets done when they are all asleep, I make sure that they all sleep at the same time (because Im ruthless and treasure my few moments of peace and quiet) so that I can concentrate on the houses I design without worrying about nappy changes (another thing done all at once!) or feeding times. After my own daughters go to bed is when I get my best work done, they are in bed by 7pm and I am a night owl although my pregnancy has made me cut my evenings shorter lately! Oh and apart from vacuuming I do most of the housework in the evening too! But then Im a solo mum so I have no one to snuggle up on the couch with!
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  • Hi there. I don't really attempt to work while watching Theo. I have arranged at-home daycare 3 days per week, so those are the days I work. Although I am a freelance writer, so my work demands don't always fall neatly into the three designated days. I often work after we put the little guy to bed. Theo is 8 months old and it's just not possible to work while he's awake.
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  • Wow kaybeejaenq, that is one full schedule! I don't think I could do all that. I feel like I'm new to this whole mommy thing still. I never ever know what's going to happen in a day. I'll let you know when there gets to be a normalcy
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  • Up until this week I was able to work when my daughter, 10 months, napped. She was super predictable and would sleep for two hours in the morning and in the afternoon. So I could get 4 hours of solid work done, and sometimes even six since I can put her in a confined play area in my office and she will play for a little while I finish things up. Then I would make up any extra work on weekends during her naps and so far I have been able to stay on top of things.

    This week her nap schedule has gone completely haywire - 45 minutes to an hour only, if at all. I am hoping it is only temporary and that she will go back to glorious two hour naps very soon...Otherwise I am going to have to get creative. I am terrible at night, so that might mean getting up super early?
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  • Structure, hmmm? I don´t structure my day much, it mostly just happens. My toddler is wavering between one and no naps and both my kids are insomniacs, so they tend to be awake a LOT. Here´s a typical day for me:

    2 am-4 am - Wake up with the baby, then the toddler, stay up to look for writing jobs and work on my blogs, while soothing the baby.

    4-6 am - Sleep if possible

    6-7 am - Get up with toddler, make breakfast, clean up the house (two rooms, it´s not hard)

    7-9 am - My husband watches our toddler if he´s home, I put the baby in his bouncy seat and try to write some articles.

    9-10:30 am - Toddler sleeps . . . . sometimes. I write.

    10:30-1 pm - playing with kids, making lunch, changing diapers, etc.

    1-3 pm - Hubby watches toddler, I watch baby and work, usually on my blogs

    3-6 pm - wash bottles, tidy up again, dishes, laundry, playing with kids, reading stories, blah blah blah

    6 pm - dinner and baths

    7 pm - bedtime for both boys

    7-9 pm - Watch a bit of tv, chat with my sister online and try to get some research done for the next day.

    I occasionally end up working till midnight, but after about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I´m no good at writing anymore! All work after that is research or promo work that requires fewer brain cells.
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  • I have to get a structure back. I was really good at working from 8-3, right after the kids went to school. But I am re-entering work after nearly two weeks of vacation, and finding that I still want to sleep in and daydream rather than working.

    In fact, my kids are coming home in an hour, and I feel like I can't really start a new project and get much done in that time (which is a total lie I tell myself).

    Usually, I am here when the kids get home (I pick them up) and don't work during that time until they go to bed, but today, I think I am going to leave the oldest one in charge and head up to the library and put in a couple of good, concentrated hours.
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  • hehe... mine fluctuates but here's the basic run down:

    6am - get up, check email, handle anything pressing work related

    7:30 - feed kids breakfast, get them ready for school ( i have a kindergardner and a 1st grader)

    8:30 - Drop kids off at school

    8:35 - 11am - work work work

    11:15 get daughter from school bus stop

    11:30 lunch

    12:30 - 3 - tea parties, movies, park, all while trying to keep on top of email and phone calls and such

    3pm - pick up son from school

    3:05 - The homework struggle and snack time

    5:00 hubby comes home and takes over.

    6 - midnight Work work work ... find time for dinner, put kids to bed, read stories, sing songs... then work work work

    then start all over again. This is the first year that both kids are in school and let me tell you it's done wonders for my business. I actually get work done now.
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  • Right now, I am very fortunate that my hubby works 12 hours shifts so he is off 2-3 days a week, that is when the bulk of my uninterrupted work is done.

    On the days that he does work or that he is sleeping (because he is a third shifter) again, I am fortunate that my 3 year old is pretty independent.

    I usually wake up before him, read and answer e-mails and review my to-do for the day. Then I wake up Logan, we have breakfast and Logan spends time watching PBS and playing in his play yard adjacent to my office space. Sometimes he takes a nap, but even if he doesn't we have quiet time where he plays and looks at books in his bedroom.

    I quit working for the day around dinner time and then the rest of that time is family time. When he goes to bed I work for a couple more hours, spend some "me" time and head to bed.

    Twice a week I go to school at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and he goes to preschool/daycare.

    My husband works every other weekend and on the weekends that he works so do I, often I have my nephew come over and play with Logan so I can work or he spends time at his grandparents. I limit my work time on my husband's weekends off to 1-3 hours (mostly when he is sleeping) and school work.
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  • This is what I 'try' to do but am not always successful:

    Monday/Tuesday: 9am 4yr old and 16mth old go to childcare and 7 yr old to school. So my hours are 9.30am to 3pm with 8pm to 10pm study time.

    Wed/Thur: 9am eldest to school and house/kid time until 12.30pm then its quiet/nap time and work time for me until 4pm when eldest comes home. Then its family time until 8pm and work until 10pm.

    Friday: 9am eldest to school and basically the same as Wed and Thurs except Fri is for MY business. So I do my bookkeeping, blogging, client meetings etc from 12.30 to 4pm. Then we have mothers group until 5pm and then its family time until 8pm. Fri nights are either tv night or I work until 10pm.

    Sat/Sun: no work at all.

    What usually happens:

    I work from 8pm until 3am every night and on weekends.


    One day....
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