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Do you have fears about your pregnancy or upcoming child-birth?

  • Please share with us your fears or concerns. I personally am terrified of the actual child-birth. I know women have done it for centuries, but somehow it's not calming me down. I'm also wondering if my body will ever go back to the way it was before getting pregnant. What are your fears?
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  • what are you scared about specifically?

    every woman, no matter who she is has fears about childbirth--the key is to address them and acknowledge them and try to make yourself as comfortable as possible and make sure you have the support you need to help you through.

    childbirth is not easy and it is painful but your body is equipped with everything it needs to get you through it. i may sound like a hippy freak but it is true. the baby knows how to be born.

    as far as your body post can still look hot after preg. i was scared of that too...yes, there are changes but every woman's body changes regardless of whether she's had kids. so you might as well have the kid and blame him/her..hahahaha
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  • Having been through it once, I have to say that I am not nearly as nervous the second time around. I wasn't extremely nervous the first time either because as you said women have been doing this for centuries. My mom had me by natural childbirth at age 17 so she was my hero. Although my plan was to go natural I ended up getting an epidural and I don't regret it at all. It was a more enjoyable experience for me and thankfully everything went well. When it's all done, you'll have your own very special birth story to share and a beautiful bundle in your arms!
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  • i have lots of fears - mostly about the childbirth process itself.... will everything go ok, will my child be fine, will I be fine, etc, etc. I know that every woman goes through this and I will be fine, but those just some thoughts that race through my mind.... another fear or curiousity i have - how will sex change post delivery???? Will it be the same? better? worse? There are just so many components to our fears.....
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  • My husband and I are just talking about trying to conceive right now but I still am starting to get the same fears you're talking about. My 4 yr old daughter was born via emergency c-section so I've never experianced a vaginal birth and the idea terrifies me. Not that anything could be worse than the fears for my daughter's health but physically I had it easy for the childbirth portion. I do know that recovering from a c-section is far worse than recovery from a vaginal birth and I made it through that at the ripe old age of 17 so I know I can make it through anything but it doesn't make it any less scary.

    Most of my fears stem from having a VBAC because there are so many things to watch and worry about throughout the pregnancy and labor. I've read a lot of things that say it isn't much more difficult than a first time vaginal birth but that doesn't assuage my craziness. I worry that since my abdominal muscles aren't what they used to be that I won't be strong enough to push easily. I worry that something may rupture. Mostly I worry that I may not even be able to conceive. I love my daughter but I'm not ready to be done. I don't know what my point is really but those are my bigger fears.
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  • Handsmom - Thanks for sharing. I think these are all normal fears. But i feel like you are ahead a bit since you've already had one child. It is often that they would do another c section if your first child was delivered that way. I've heard a lot of moms choose to go that direction later in their pregnancy (probalby bc it's more familiar to them since they had their previous delivery that way). At least that's what i was told in my childbirth class! Hang in there and get working on baby number 2! Best of luck!
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  • VBAC, in the majority of cases, is very safe, in fact the statistics say that it is actually safer than the major abdominal surgery that a C-Section is.... You have been reading and educating yourself, so please know that many women have had successful V-BAC's!! Make sure that your doc is really supportive of it.

    If you havent already, read them

    Here are some books I Highly recomend:

    Ina May's Guide to Childbirth-By Ina May Gaskin

    The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth- By Henci Goer

    Birthing From Within-By Pam England
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  • I agree, your body knows how to do this but when I was having my first child I had some issues that came up. Here's what I did to help remove the fears: I focused only on the healthy, normal birth outcome. Everyday I just took a couple of minutes to surround my baby in pinkish/golden light, I saw myself having a natural birth without any complications. I visualized him coming down the birth canal without the cord being an issue <this was one of my fears>.

    I think it helped me to stay focused on what I wanted to see and not what could happen.
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